Friday, January 5, 2018

Flashback Friday: Blizzard of 1978!

Jan 1978:
These were taken after the blizzard, where school was cancelled for at least two (wonderful, to an elementary student!) weeks.  The snow was up to our roof; the cars were completely blanketed by the snow, and we had HUGE icicles!

My sister W on the left; I'm on the right.  I can only assume we were headed to church.  One nice thing about those long skirts; I was able to hide my thermal underwear under them, and keep my legs warm!  I wasn't allowed to wear pantyhose yet, and back then, tights (like my sis is wearing) were for 'babies' (she was in the 2nd grade).

Showing how high the drifts were; this was taken from our front porch.  For several days, our front door was frozen shut; we had to go in and out through the garage.

Obviously taken after more snow had melted.  That's my dad on the right, shoveling snow off the car.

My sister remembers the tunnel we created through the front yard, from the driveway to nearly my window (far right).  We were chatting the other day, reminiscing about *those days* and thinking how lucky we were that our 'cave' didn't collapse while the three of us were in it!  Three, being myself, W, and her best friend K, whom I lovingly refer to as my 'other' sister.

Present Day:
We're headed to Indy tomorrow, to have our Christmas party with my dad's sister and her family.  Mom and I have spent this chilly week (-16 on Monday, -1 on Tues, 19 Wed, 7 Thurs) watching TV, cooking dinner, and searching for the Daily Guidepost devotionals she bought, but cannot find.

Dad has aneurisms in both knees, but only one is causing him pain.  He finds out more on the 15th; I may have to come spend a few weeks if he has to undergo surgery.

Will I attempt karaoke tomorrow night?  I'll probably sing one song, then determine whether or not my voice is up for the task.

Stay warm everyone!!

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