Friday, November 23, 2018

Flashback Friday: Catch Up 1988 and 1998

Nov 1988:
The election:  George Bush vs Michael Dukakis. 
At the time, I fully admit to hating politics.  Two of my professors were HUGE political junkies, and impressed upon us the need for a Democrat in the White House, since "Democrats understand the need for social programs and the Republicans do not.'  My sister had been following Gary Hart's run, but when the scandal broke about himself and Donna Rice, and he dropped out, we were both heartbroken.

On election night, Bush won, and both my professors the next day predicted doom and gloom.  I was just happy it was all over, and no more political ads on TV!

My boss at the country club needed me to work, so I spent the weekend at DB's house.  After the Thanksgiving buffet was over, Mr. G, Nancy, and Betty set up a long table for the wait staff, and poured us all (the ones over 21) a glass of red wine.  I horrified Nancy when I spooned a few ice cubes into my room-temperature wine, and a few others followed suit, causing her to roll her eyes at us.

The next day, I met Mom and my sister at Castleston Square for our annual Mother-Daughters shopping spree.  I had to work the evening shift, and again the next day, so it was a busy weekend.

Next Month:  Finals, My Birthday, and Christmas:)

I think we went to my parents' for Thanksgiving, then down to the in-law's for the weekend, as usual.  Decorated his mother's house, and drove around to see the Christmas lights.  I also think this might have been the year his mom retired, so we drove down for the party.

Next Month:  Getting Snowed In At Christmas

Present Day:
Just received word that a friend's father passed away this morning.  Mr. C was a jovial man who enjoyed spending time with us on Father's Weekend at college and whenever we visited.  When my spouse was in the hospital in '03, Mr. C brought him communion every morning.  As soon as I know the details, I'll be heading either north to a service or to Louisville for the service (or even both...).

RIP Ken Corbett.  You will be missed.

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