Friday, January 18, 2019

Flashback Friday: Pampered Chef and Monster Trucks!

Jan 1999:
The snow stayed with us for a while, and while we were still at the in-law's house, I managed to call T, who admitted he nearly called me the previous day.  When I revealed I was only thirty minutes away, we tentatively made plans for later in the month.

The monster truck show came to Indy, and it happened to fall the same day as a Pampered Chef party.  I decided to take my daughter, while D and K went to Indy.  I was secretly thrilled; our plans would overlap.  I called T, and he said he could come up to see me.

At the PC show, I discovered I loved the Chicken-Broccoli braid, and scheduled a party to host myself.  S and I drove home, and she promptly went across the street to play.  I set out some snacks, and prepared for my friend to show up.  Two hours later, I called his cell; he'd gotten delayed, and wouldn't be there for another 90 minutes.

I called across the street and asked if S could stay longer; she said sure.

T finally arrived, and could only stay a few minutes.  I was irritated by the miscommunication; he was snappy, but had an enjoyable visit, however short.  S arrived home and went to her room; I said goodbye to T, then proceeded to enjoy the rest of the wine.  An acquaintance happened to call, someone I really didn't want to talk to, but the wine opened up my tongue, and I told her in no uncertain terms, what she needed to do with her abusive ass of a spouse.  I think she was either stunned, or I'd told her (finally) what she didn't want to hear, for she never called me again!  I did hear, through a mutual friend, that she did eventually get out of the relationship, but since she was three states away, I couldn't simply go help her get away.  She never spoke to me again, and our mutual friend eventually cut off contact also, since her new relationship was worse than the first, and we were both tired of hearing her whine about her circumstances, rather than to change them.

Next Month:  Valentine's Day

Present Day:
Our new roof is here!  Materials arrived on Tuesday, and we're waiting for the weather to settle down so the crew can get it installed.

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