Monday, April 1, 2019

April Reading Schedule

March came in like a lion and left like a wet lamb....
Buy stamps (Finally!  3/11, bought!) and send Christmas Cards 3/12:  SENT!
Mail packages to Wa and Tx Not yet...
Write #2 Regrets Added 200+ words
Write Bad Decisions Started it!
Lose 5 lbs (Start:  246) 3/11:  243 (-3!) 3/21:  240 (-3!)
Organize more basement stuff Filled another tote with all the sheet music; still have one more tote to fill.
Work as many hours as possible, in order to pay my own debts and start chipping away at the medical ones. Applied for financial assistance; need to find out how much we're approved for.
Feb 25-Mar 1st:  17 hours (only got credit for 11??)
Mar 4-8: 20 hours
Payday hours:  37 (32??)  $350:  $150 to spouse; $38 for lunch; $50 for bks, $50 for April 4th-5th event, $35 to church.
Mar 9-15: 15 hours
Mar 16-22: 20 hours  
Payday hours:  35  $370:  $37 to church; $160 to spouse; $50 to Indy Author Event (Sept); 
Mar 23-29:  13 hours
Pay writing debts:
-N:  $50 3/15:  check:)
-D:  $140 Not yet...
-April Fest (5-6):  $50 3/15:  check:)
-Indy Author Fair (Sept):  $50 Check:)
-Cil-Con (Sept):  $50 Will pay this in April:)

Health:  Successfully fought off a cold by taking Zinc for two weeks.  Plus, lost six pounds by working:)

Books Read:  4
           Print:  1
       E-Book:  3

Karaoke Songs Added:  13
                            Thurs:  6
                                 Sat:  7

April Goals:
Mail packages to Wa and Tx
Write #2 Regrets
Write Bad Decisions
Lose 5 lbs (starting weight:  240) 4/26:  238:)
Organize more basement
Buy new table Check!
Buy laminating sheets and Velcro, for prize wheel Check!
Clean out Green House or more Brown House
Call school to double-check son's summer PE form Check:)
Do well at Spring Vendor Fest (April 5 and 6th) Sat:  Sold 1...N sold 1 on Fri and 1 on Sat.
Do well at Kentuckiana Author Fair (April 20th) Sold 1....think the weather was against us, plus the ones I saw were after non-fiction.
Do well at North HS Craft Fair (April 27th)  Sold 1; Nancy sold 3.  Several women told me they only buy through Kindle, so I'll find out in 3 months if anyone did:)  At least I'm showing consistency, ha ha....
Enjoy the Rock Opera (April 14th) It was AWESOME!  Final song, think choir and Trevor were out of synch, but overall it was fantastic and had a packed house:)
Have an enjoyable weekend with EY and BJG Check:)
Have a fun Easter with the kids Check:)  Nice and quiet, low-key.
Work as many hours as possible, in order to finish paying for upcoming events
Order proof copies of CR Check:)
Find someone to switch with for April 14th 4/3:  Possibly switching with Makayla, and working the 15th for her.....Approved:)
-Mar 23-29th:  13
-Mar 30-April 5th:  20
April 12th Payday hours:  33
   -Projected income:  $360
        -All funds, plus $25 for KY trip (used $25 for NCAA tournament; another $25 for  A's fundraiser) Check....
             -$36 for the church
              -$78 for hotel Paid!
              -$83 for car rental Check:)
              -$85 for hair appt 4/18 Check:)
              -$15 for 2 proof copies Check:)
        Projected left over for gas and food:  $60 +$20 cash Spent $36 (gas total); $10 (book); $15 (approx Arby's); $2.12 (iced tea); $16 +$2 tip (Sweet-n-Savory Food Truck).  Came home with $60 cash and $21 in account. Gave daughter $20 for gas, and $40 for W and A's lunch money.  Left with $30 in bank account.
-April 6-12:  25
-April 13-19:  18.5
April 26th Payday hours:  43.5
   -Projected income:  $485 (give spouse $280, keep $205)
       -$38 (last week) + $20 (this week)for the church; $75 for cover art (Pay next month); $50 for Cil-Con (check!); $62 for car rental Skip this; need to give spouse most of check for truck payment);$50 for Indy State Fair (check!); bank rest. (205-38-20-100=$47)
   -Saved: $56.35 ($47 saved $9 + $.35 amazon sales)
-April 20-26: 21
-April 27-May 3: 25
Payday hours: 46
   -Projected half: $480/$240
       -$24 for church (Check!), buy proof copies of CR (Check!); send payment for ICGAHS ($50 Check!); pay cover art ($75 Check!); pay Saluki-Con ($65 Check!); pay Heroes For Kids ($50 Check!)
Banked:  $29+$5=$34 + $17 in petty cash= $51+$240=$291-$284=$7 saved
Pay writing debts:
-Cil-Con (Sept):  $50 (Apr 27) (check!)

April Reading Schedule:
Hello Again-Susanne Matthews Finally finished this!  Started off good, but could have cut out a lot of the middle (imho).  Enjoyed the ending, though I suspected that's how everything would be explained.  Some of it caught me by surprise.
The Gift of Forgiveness-Angela Raines Interesting read
Never Had A Chance-AR Good story
Christmas at Holiday Peak-Candace Havens Cute story!

Karaoke Songs:
Would I lie to you-Eurythimics Bleh...
Perform This Way-Weird Al DNH
Photograph-Ringo Starr Waaaayy too low, but I love this song!
Wouldn't it be nice-Beach Boys Bleh....blew most of the words
Because of You-Kelly Clarkson Did well!  Redemption for an otherwise 'off' night:)
Wrapped Around Your finger-Police Nailed it:)
Payphone-Maroon 5 Did well!
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald-Gordon Lightfoot Wasn't too bad:)
Please Mr. Postman-Carpenters Slightly too low...not even sure I could be heard until the end??
Wrecking Ball-Miley Cyrus Did well:)
Make It Real-Jetts Nailed it!
Will You Be There In The Morning-Heart Slightly too low; think I could only be heard on the 2nd half of the verses, the bridge, and chorus.

4/6: Was too tired to attend
4/20: Easter Vigil
        Jesus Take The Wheel-Carrie Underwood Wasn't too bad; botched some of the timing on verse #2  Song was in my head all afternoon, and after I ran over the table and pretty much totaled my rental car, I knew WHY, so had to attempt to sing it again!
        Separate Ways-Journey Rocked this one, then left.

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