Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weird Night

Currently Reading: Read Sandra Cox's Akasha yesterday afternoon. Very well done! Is there a 3rd one in the works, Sandra? Am up to page 145 on Brit Party.

Don't you hate it when you settle down to sleep and your brain decides to work overtime? That's what happened to me last night. My subconscious took a trip, first to the recording studio; then decided to be the main attraction in Oreo's latest circus; and ended at a bizarre seminar.

Recording Studio:
Here's Barb's long overdue Release Day Ditty: (Tune of Shadow of the Day by Linkun Park)

Nightmares plague my evening hours
Killers in my every dreams
Will Guy please believe me
And put these guys away

And the sun will set too soon
And the sun will set too soon
I wish these guys would leave
And let me sleep at night
But the sun will set too soon

Hold me Guy, release my tension
Sex will drive the scene away
When you find the evil ones
And you blow them all away

Then the sun won't set too soon
Then the sun won't set too soon
We'll love the hours away
And continue every day
Thank you for believing me!

Oreo's Circus:
Lucky woke me up at 4:30 with her legs crossed, begging me to leave my warm bed and put her outside in the single-digit temps. I complied, but when I came back to bed, Oreo decided it was playtime.

I rolled onto my side and flipped my shoulder-length hair out to the side (I can't stand to sleep on it). POUNCE! All of a sudden, I have a kitten playing with my flyaway strands and clawing my scalp. I reached up and moved him to the floor.

I turned back and repeated my hair-flip, pulling the covers up to my chin. POUNCE! Oreo lands on my face. Apparently when I exhaled, the top of the sheet moved. Again, I reached up and removed him before he did any damage to my face. I settle back down.

POUNCE! He's decided to move to the foot of the bed and play with my feet! This is more tolerable, as I sleep with a sheet, two blankets, and a quilt on top of me, in addition to my bed socks. He can't hurt me unless he crawls under. I ignored him and went to sleep.

I'm attending a seminar. I have a copy of Anny Cook's Dancer's Delight, a notebook, and a pack of Hershey Kisses. I head for an aisle not clogged with people and happily settle into a seat where I can recline, prop my feet on the seat in front of me.

A man taps me on the shoulder.

"Can you sit up, please? We're going to be taping this and would like everyone to be sitting straight up. If you like, you can move to the area that won't be caught on tape." He indicates the crowded area.

I sigh and move to the congested area. I find an aisle seat and open Anny's book. I hear a gasp and once again I feel a tap on my shoulder.

"What in the world is that you're reading? I just saw 'cock' and 'pussy'! Would you put it away please? Young children are present!"

I twist around; sure enough, a woman and her six small children are behind me. I switch seats again.

I manage to find a secluded spot where no one objects to my reading material and the seminar begins. I have no idea what is supposed to be taught; I fall asleep and wake up when my name is called.

"Molly? Can you tell us six adverbs?"

I rattle off one.

"Good. Now, we have a treat. The famous Total-E-Bound author, Brynn Paulin is with us tonight and will be out in the lobby. We invite you all to stop by and say hello."

Hey...I know her! I love her books; she's one of my blogmates; I chat with her regularly! I wait until the crowd thins a little and make my way to the lobby. I remember I have a question about her story in Brit Party.

I spot a dark-haired woman in front of a table. No books are in sight; just many displays of lotions, creams, perfumes...and a basket of pens. Closer inspection shows me the pens say 'Kaenar', and are gold and silver. I pick one up and put it in my pocket. I know Kaenar too; I've read her books, been to her website, and emailed her a couple of times!

The dark-haired woman turns around. Wow...it is Brynn, resembling the picture on her blog. She greets me and autographs a bookmark, and introduces me to a woman named Tara who insists I know her (I don't, but BS my way through the conversation) and Brynn tells me to stick around for the demonstration.

If you've been to The Grip on Saturday, you'll understand the next part. Model #6 enters and Brynn starts slathering him with cucumber-melon lotion.

And suddenly, my husband was nudging me. "Will you shut that damn thing off? It's been going off for five minutes!"

I'm no longer staring open-mouthed at a dreamboat; I'm in my warm bed and my alarm is RUDELY beeping at me!

Okay; maybe I should have only had a half a glass of wine before bed, instead of the full one?


Anonymous said...

LOLOL!! Too funny! I love how Brynn is slathering his with cucumber melon. Now if that isn't a double entendre I don't know what is. And Brynn is far more lovely in person than her avitar. She's got this wicked little grin going on and you just know she's up to something... all. the. time!

Anonymous said...

Um... slathering HIM not his anything... sheesh, Kelly.

Brynn Paulin said...

Well darn!!! Just when it was getting good!

So what's the question?

Brynn Paulin said...

And Kelly...maybe I was slathering his___________ ;-)

Molly Daniels said...

I don't remember WHERE she was slathering him! I think she'd started at his pecs, he he he...

That's PECTORALS, Kelly!

Brynn, I think it had to do with Kyle and Alex. Are they in Tempting Tamara? I'll go check.

Brynn Paulin said...

Kyle and Marcus? No their book is forthcoming.

Molly Daniels said...

Sorry...got the name wrong!

Anny Cook said...

Sigh... And Dancer is the least wicked book I have! It sounds like you were having an excellent time!

barbara huffert said...

You're too cool, Molly. Thank you! I love it.

Bronwyn Green said...

What an fun dream - Brynn gets all the fun - lol.