Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bumpy Wednesday

I should have clued into the fact today was going to be different. I woke to my alarm, dreaming I was working at Walmart and in charge of the Chocolate-Chip Cookie making. Only...the bakery was behind, and I had people demanding their cookies!

Second thing to happen: Daughter refused to get moving; hubby was still sound asleep, so Mom decides she'll get dressed and take the kids to school.

Result? Made a rolling stop at 4-way stop sign (I've got to get out of that bad habit; no one was even near the stop!) and 2/3 of the way to the end of the next block, flashing lights are calling me over. I politely rolled down my window, offered my paperwork and an apologetic smile, saying I was sorry; my daughter was late for school.

Did he give me a warning? Verbal 'okay; be careful?'

NO! I now have a $119.50 TICKET! Or, show up in court on May 25th and hope the nice officer doesn't show up to harass this obvious menace to society.

Onto Brighter Issues:
Edits are finished; my dedication/author info has been written and sent; the blurb is awaiting approval. Now all I have to do is pick out an excerpt for the website. Here's my question to all published authors:

How long should it be?

Do I pick a (spicy) scene at random and hope it will successfully tempt someone to buy? Or do I choose the prologue, as it sets up the action? Or part of the prologue, anyway??? You'd think I'd know this stuff; I've been buying e-books regularly now for about 18 months. But nooooooo, the excitement has gone to my head. Maybe I'll go peruse Ellora's Cave/TEB sites and check my friends' blurbs/excerpts on the buy pages. Maybe then I'll get an idea??

Or blame the steroids for this hyperactive moment....

Another Creative Moment:)
Got a brainstorm yesterday afternoon and finally finished a chapter I've been stuck on for the past year:) Yay! Now to call my friend and see if I'm channelling her life still...hopefully I just made her life slightly happier???

Only 4 more days of steroids. I predict next week I'll be vegged out on the couch, recovering from steroid withdrawl??? I can catch up on the Gilligan's Island DVD!


Anny Cook said...

Pick a fairly short piece with a good hook.

barbara huffert said...

And ask your editor. Your publisher might have requirements for the excerpt.

Sandra Cox said...

Ouch to the ticket!
Glad your muse is doing her job:)