Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Currently Reading: Still on The Lady Makes Three. Didn't do a whole lot of reading yesterday!

North Carolina showed up to play last night and proved they were champions. Michigan State showed up without their basic skills. Final score? UNC: 89 MSU: 72. The game was over about 3 minutes into the 1st half when MSU had foul trouble, turnover trouble, and were down by 10 points.

I was into the wine by halftime, and chatting on FaceBook during the last 10 minutes of the game.

On A Roll?
Don't know what got a hold of me yesterday, but I rather liked it:) I finished up the edits on Chs 2-5, and sent them back before 2pm.

-had the bills paid by 3:30 pm;

-I had the laundry knocked out by 4pm;

-dinner was on the table before 6pm;

-dishes cleaned up (K pulled a muscle in weight training, plus had scouts, so I helped him out) by 7:15 pm;

-attended blogtalkradio chat with Travis until 8pm (didn't want to call in);

-picked up hubby's medicine by 8:30pm;

-was settled in front of the TV by 9:15 to watch the game!

-And was in bed by 12:30 am.

Today, I have to make room in my kitchen cabinet for some of our bowls that D found in our storage unit and 'can't live without'. There are several plates and bowls we've not used in the two years we've lived here, so it's time to move Mom's out and ours in (if that makes any sense at all??)

I'm finishing up the edits on ch 5, and this shouldn't take too long.

Walking today. Don't know if I'll push for that 4 mile mark or if I'll settle for 3, since it's been two weeks.

Laptop Society tonight, so I'll warm up the leftover chicken and lay out some stir-fry veggies and rice for the family while I'm gone. And then my family can settle back, because my next big sporting event doesn't take place until the second week of May:)

Only two more days of antibiotics and I'm on day #8 of 12 on the steroids!


Mia Watts said...

Busy girl.

Anny Cook said...

Wow. You really were rolling!

Sandra Cox said...

Way to go on your edits!