Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poking My Head Out...

Currently Reading: Last Glass of Wine. I'm up to Chapter 9. I also finished Vanishing Acts, and like Jodi's other books, it too has a surprising twist in the end. Why am I not surprised? In a minor rebellion act, I also purchased The Tenth Circle, since my breathing issues (see below) made me too tired to sit in front of the computer.

As Cindy says, the podcast is up. I cannot change anything, other than to plead with Travis to give me another shot at correcting any mistakes I made yesterday. While I think I only coughed a couple of times, my mind went blank and I heard myself saying things I never intended to say. Ever had that happen? You realize the words coming out of your mouth are not the ones you want? Hopefully listeners will forgive me.

And I have heard from some people congratulating me on a good show, and no one has yelled at me (yet). I'm going to listen again to the whole thing later today (I only listened for 5 minutes to hear how my voice came across, and I was happy) and probably cringe in a few spots...but that's normal, right?

Moving on...
Am I the only one who wants to slap the little girl in the new Fish Sticks commercial? I realize it's just a marketing ploy, but really...if my kid talked to me that way, complaining of 'substandard' food, I'd tell her to be grateful for what we could afford to buy! Maybe the 'minced' fish sticks were cheaper, so to pinch a few pennies, that's what the mom bought. I've had to do this lately; forego name brands in favor of cheaper brands or even generic. But there are some I REFUSE to go generic on:

Peanut butter (gotta have my Peter Pan!)
Cap'n Crunch PB (all other flavors, yeah the generic tastes the same)
Spaghetti-Oh's (generic=YUCK! Gotta be Frank-O American or Chef-Boyardee)
Coffee (Gotta be Folgers)
Creamer (my flavor is only in Internat'l Foods)
Pudding cups (Only Snack-Pak or Jell-O; instant pudding, generic's okay)

I think that's basically all. Although sometimes you just gotta have your Edy's Ice Cream, or Velveeta Shells-n-Cheese. Or Kraft.

Dr Dr, Give Me the News...
No, not lovesick; found out why I've had so much trouble with my asthma.


I'm on antibiotics and prednizone. Fun, fun. I should feel better tomorow. But no walking, and I've managed to put on another pound. You'd think with all this sweating I do, I'd lose a few pounds in water weight. But apparently not enough.

Course, my nightly Twix PB candy bars probably contribute...and so does my morning bowl of cereal...and I did consume 4 hot dogs with mustard before the appointment...and I wasn't having a hot flash during the weigh-in.

New Part Today??
Oven parts should be arriving today. Yay! I can finally make that herb-roasted chicken that looks soooooooo good on the recipe card:) I'm doing chicken and rice in the slow-cooker today, though, in case it doesn't come. I've got the herb recipe planned for Saturday.

Today's To-Do List:
Taking it easy; I woke up at 4am wheezing, and have been awake since. I may finally watch my DVD of The Muppet Show, since I decided to watch the previous two weeks' One Tree Hill while I was up. Still have last night's episode to watch.

I am going to Laptop Society tonight; some more editing questions will hopefully be answered.

And my usual Mommy duties: Making tea; cracking out the ice trays and refilling them; keeping track of toddler's whereabouts once this rain lets up.

What's on your agenda?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Strange Weather Monday

Currently Reading: I'm almost finished with Vanishing Acts. I'll be diving into Last Glass of Wine by Bekki Lynn later today:)

Get this: Woke up to frost on the car windows! And the high today? Close to 60!

Not much to say this morning; I'm getting ready for my interview www.blogtalkradio.com/jtravisgrundon and hoping my body behaves itself. I've discovered that two tablets of Mucinex seems to help keep the coughing at bay...at least, it helped me sleep last night. So we'll see what happens this afternoon from 2-3pm. Hubby's planning to take the toddler to his favorite store (either Lowes or Rural King...no Toys R Us in this town!) so I can have peace and quiet while on the phone.

Just heard a disturbing piece of news: A county in Indiana has banned smoking in cars while children are present, and the police now have the right to pull you over if they spot you lighting up with heads bobbing.

While I don't smoke, and do support the ban on smoking in restaurants, this strikes me as an extreme invasion of privacy. What's next; banning smokers from smoking in their own homes? Fortunately, my smoking friends are considerate of K's sensitivity to second-hand smoke (he gets physically ill if people smoke around him) and my own tendancy to need my inhaler if the smoke gets too thick, and either smoke outside or abstain while we're visiting. It's their choice to smoke; I don't believe we have the right to dictate what people do in their own homes (outside physical abuse, obviously!)

Our gas is up to $2.15; is it going up in your world too?

Have a good day and be kind to me if you tune in?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Temporary Loss of Sanity

No one has stepped up to be my voice double, so I guess I'm honor-bound to actually put my voice over the airwaves! Fine bunch of friends I've got, LOL:) (Good-natured grumbling here...)

Sigh...here's the link, should you choose to meet me in cyber-air www.blogtalkradio.com/jtravisgrundon I met Travis last summer, and this is week #2 of his new host duties. He managed to coerce myself and our mutual friend BB Walters into being his 'Estrogen Hour' tomorrow at 2pm EST. So feel free to call in, email, or whatever it is listeners do, and help us fill an hour? And forgive any hacking on my part. I've tried everything I can think of...Advil Cold and Sinus; Mucinex; Tussin; my inhaler...all only last 3 hours. I've now discovered if I keep gum or cough drops in my mouth, it helps. So keep your fingers crossed I don't sound as if I'm on my death bed??

Actually, I can breathe; it's when I exhale is the issue!

Morning Funny
Was watching the CBS Sunday Morning program and heard something hilarious!

"If you Twitter, do you consider yourself a Twit?" asked Nancy Giles.

Since I'm still getting used to Face Book, I've not braved the Twitter world (yet). Have you?

Yay! 2 for 2 last night! Though S and her friend laughed at me the final 14 seconds of the game...Villanova nearly lost it, but held on! I really should have married a man who appreciates sports!

Go Louisville and UNC!

(More grumbling...) Two TV's and two computers in our house, and I'm fighting for my right to work online and watch b-ball. S is downtstairs watching Twilight; W is happy with SpongeBob; D and K are holed up in front of the desktop watching the first episode of Stargate SG-1. I'm at the kitchen table, on the laptop and keeping track of the scores online. Hopefully for tonight's game, I'll be able to WATCH it???

Lucky Came Home
Yes, Anonymous, Lucky came home safely:) Wet and soggy, but okay.

Enjoy your Sunday; I'm off to check my email.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: Loved Psychic Hitch! I'll be starting Last Glass of Wine by Bekki Lynn later today. I'm also enjoying Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult.

Star War: Backstroke of the West

title of Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith, as it appeared in a Chinese version of the film

NONE of the teams I picked yesterday won! Missouri, Okalahoma, and North Carolina grabbed the ball and took control of the game as if they were playing sixth graders instead of their peers. Very painful to watch. And as for Kansas...they let a 13 point lead slip through their fingers and then tried valiantly to sink their 3-pointers, but nothing. And with 14 seconds to go, Michigan State rallied, sank four free throws, and won the game by five.

Final Four is tonight; all four top seeds are in it; I'm only cheering on three:
U Conn
Villanova (although Pittsburgh will probably run over them the way they did Xavier. I can still hope, though...)

It's raining, and I have a loose dog out there somewhere. Hope she returns soon. I'm off to go watch my Saturday 90210 episodes and continue to try not to cough myself to death. Maybe this rain will be a blessing and send all the pollen to the ground??

Have a good weekend:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Strange Week

Currently Reading: LOVED Carpe Demon! Now I'm reading another Jodi Picoult, Vanishing Act. And I hope to finish Psychic Hitch today.

Monday, I had a momentary lapse of sanity when I agreed to the blog talk radio interview.

Tuesday, I blew up my oven.

Wednesday, I corrected the wrong version of my MS.

Yesterday, I only picked ONE team to advance to the Elite 8! Wonder how many of my picks will advance today?

Arizona (Louisville might beat 'em though)
Gonzaga (although I like North Carolina too)

Merry Easter!
Got a phone call from my sis last night; the Christmas package had arrived. I've been dubbed the 'Best Aunt Ever!' Why?

"Finances are slim at the moment, and D has been bugging me for new engines to add to his Thomas collection. And then the wonderful box arrives, and what's in it? Two new engines, and one of them is Rosie (his favorite)!"

I've been informed to continue my practice of sending their presents in March:) Note to self: Toss in some Easter stuff next year.

Apparently, the 'line' forming for the release of my book has grown by at least two...my sis is also enjoying her status as 'sister to the erotic romance author', and spreading the word to the women she works with and other friends:)

Wrong Way to Boycott?
Saw that Melissa Etheridge is refusing to pay her taxes until gay marriage becomes legal. I don't quite think this will accomplish anything except setting a bad example for her kids. Surely there's a better way to express your views?

Update on Health:
My foot is feeling fine today; and no matter what combination of inhaler/Tussin/A C&S, I start coughing again at the 3 hour mark. And the toddler had an accident last night, so had to treat myself again at 3am! Hubby wants me to have my lungs checked; I say give me one more week. Or better yet, can I go visit my own doctor?? The one who knows my history for the past 17 years???? Normally at this time, I'm complaining of intense sinus pressure, not coughing so hard my head hurts!

Mom and I were talking yesterday, and we came to the conclusion we should just put a bubble around every single house in Indiana, so we can BREATHE! Or better yet...move to Florida or Risa (Star Trek climate-controlled planet! Sounds wonderful....)??

Enjoy your Friday; I'm off to clean up the house (again) and spend tonight watching basketball.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh My Aching Feet!

Currently Reading: I'm up to ch 5 on Psychic Hitch:) And ch 12 on Carpe Demon!

Found out the results of my X-rays.

Diagnosis: Arthritis.

Oh joy...I knew I had some slight arthritis on the outside of that foot; I jumped off my upper bunk 25 years ago and landed, not on my desk chair as planned, but on the floor instead. Used crutches for two weeks, and could always tell when it was going to rain for a few years afterward, lol:)

But now I apparently have it on the inside of my ankle. So I guess I'll be popping Tylenol whenever the pain gets too bad.

I really want a second opinion from my doctor, but he's two or three hours away, since he moved his office to Fishers, IN! I kept telling him to come south, but noooooo.

I'm also apparently going through another round of 'Let's Try to Regulate the Body Heat'. I can spend minutes shivering, and then all of a sudden I'm about to spontaneously combust. Bundle up; strip off; put head in freezer; drink something hot.

I wish my body would pick a temperature it LIKES and stays with it!

We overslept this morning because all of my tossing and turning/throwing the blankets over my husband/scrambling to take them back interrupted our sleep patterns!

And I'm trying to find out which combination of inhaler/Tussin DM/Advil Cold and Sinus every 3-4 hours works to keep my coughing at bay. So far the inhaler/cough meds only worked for 3 hours. I'm 90 minutes into the inhaler/A C&S combo, and cough-free. If this keeps up until after 2pm, I'll be thrilled. I don't want to be hacking my way through the interview next Monday!

And speaking of which, here's the link: www.blogtalkradio.com/jtravisgrundon He's on at different times so far, but our interview is at 2pm EST next Monday the 30th. If you don't have an account, you can download it or listen on Tuesday. I'm still looking for a voice double...

In case you missed it, my website http://www.mollydaniels.com/ is up and running, with a temporary template until my web designer finishes with his. Thank Anny for the kick in the pants on doing this...it's only been on the web for two weeks with no info!

NCAA Picks:
Villanova (although Duke will probably win...)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shaking My Head Over Several Things

Currently Reading: I'm up to Ch 8 on Carpe Demon, and found out this is a series! I'm enjoying this, so I'll be purchasing the others. I also read the first chapter of A Psychic Hitch and am looking forward to getting back to it! Just ran out of time yesterday.

-Corrected and sent the wrong version of my ms to editor. Apparently the brain wasn't ready to go back to work. Characters refused to talk to me also.

-Carol, you jinxed me, lol...I went to fix dinner last night and blew up my oven. Not literally; the heating element shorted out and caused a small fire as I was preheating the thing. And when my spouse tried to unscrew the ring, the fuses blew. Yes, he had sprinkled baking soda, but the 'hot spot' decided to move to the left, hence the removal of the heating ring:) So until we can locate a new part, I'm reduced to cooking on top of the stove, in the slow cooker, or using the electric skillet.

And guess what I woke up this morning wanting to fix? Yup...both chicken dishes which call for oven roasting! We're doing leftovers instead.

-I'm sooooo tired of hearing about Octo-Mom. I'd heard yesterday she'd fired the free nurse-nannies; now I'm wondering if the attorney is right, after all, and the whole thing was a set-up for her to fail. Part of me says no; the other part says yes. It's in God's hands; I have no control over it. I will simply keep praying for the right action in order for all fourteen kids to be healthy and well-adjusted through all this.

-Took a a couple of quizzes on Facebook, and according to the results, I'm a June Cleaver-type mom; I dress 'funky'; and strive to be the 'lively center of attention'. HUH??? My house is lived in, not spotless; I live in blue jeans and clothing I've worn for the past decade or so (I hate shopping for clothes until it's absolutely necessary!); and in social situations, I panic if I don't know anyone.

And when I posed this to my crit group last night, they laughed at me! Seems I talk more than anyone in the group. So maybe when I'm comfortable with those I'm around, I have no problem speaking up?

Far cry from the person who used to be afraid to hold her hand up in class...

Of course, nine years ago, I was talking to the president of our baseball youth league, and when he told me his wife was on the shy side, I told him I was too....and even HE laughed at me!

So maybe I do have a split personality and just don't realize it????

I guess I'll super-glue my lips shut next week.

-Had a bad dream last night. Travis and I were doing the Blog Radio interview and the only person who called in asked me about the proper nutrition for his guinea pigs. We ended up swapping stories of our rodents instead of me plugging my books.

I'll post the link to his show on Monday, and if you call in, I have rats, not guinea pigs?

-I guess the 'magic X-ray' worked...my foot seems to be less sore today??? Hopefully the dr will call me today with the results. The new inhaler he put me on seems to work better too. I jokingly told hubby that if I could just find an alternate way to inhale oxygen without using my nose or mouth, I'd be fine:)

Today's To-Do List:
-The housecleaning I didn't do yesterday
-Calling Follett's and Borders
-Buying more sinus meds
-Waiting to hear from the dr about my X-rays.
-Fixing my edits from Monday

Website is up and running! Check it out here:)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting Back To Work??

Currently Reading: Finished An Irishwoman's Tale and am now on Carpe Demon. I also bought both of Bekki Lyn's books, A Psychic Hitch and Last Glass of Wine, since I didn't have any of the 'book bucks'. I'll most likely read later this afternoon or tomorrow. Depends on whether or not my imaginary friends 'talk' to me today!

Yesterday, I copied and pasted the missing parts of three documents onto my flash drive, and now I have three storylines vying for my attention. Hopefully one of them will grab my imagination and run with it to completion...

Had my foot X-rayed this morning; now we wait for the results! For some odd reason, it doesn't hurt as much when I wear my dress boots, with the inch or so heel. You'd think my tennis shoes would be more comfortable, but nooooo. And now my calf muscles are cramping, due to the slight limp.

Today's To-Do List:
-Laundry (3 loads)
-Vacuuming the LRM
-Writing (duh!)
-Laptop Society tonight

Monday, March 23, 2009

New and Improved??

Currently Reading: Getting ready to order this week's books. I'm also reading Patti Lacy's An Irishwoman's Tale.

Before and After
This is me before...

And after!

So what's the verdict? Do I look younger, older, or just the same?
My kids say I look like a poodle...
NCAA Tournament
I successfully picked 24/32 teams to advance to round #2, and was 14/16 in round #3:)
My pics for the Sweet 16 are:
Villinova (although Duke will most likely win)
Gonzaga (although North Carolina will probably prevail)
I did better this year than last year!
Health Issues
My cold is gone; now my asthma's driving me crazy. Normally I only have to puff the inhaler twice a day during a flare-up; I'm hitting it and the diabetic Tussin every 4 hours; otherwise I sound as if I have lung cancer.
I've also managed to do something to my left foot; the inside of my ankle has been bothering me. I've either strained a tendon/ligament or possibly have a stress fracture, says my nurse mommy. Going to the dr about it today. Maybe the asthma will flare up while I'm in the office and he can check out my lungs too?? Otherwise I have to wait until April for an official appointment; today I'm tagging along with hubby on his routine checkup.
Taking the Media Plunge
A friend of mine has taken a job at Blog Talk Radio, and talked me into an interview next Monday. BB and I are going to be his 'Estrogen Hour', and talking about our books, reading excerpts, and doing whatever-God-knows-what-else! Cuddles, Cha-Cha...anyone else want to be my voice double???? Maybe my husky laryngitis will return. I think I sound better that way.
I know it's scheduled for 2:00 EST; when I get more details, I'll pass them on. Anyone know how to record these things?
Today's To-Do List:
-One load of laundry (S's)
-Edits on Ch 6 and Epilogue (hopefully the last ones!)
-Dr's appt
-Buying e-books
Have a good day:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: Finished Red, a collection of teenage girls' essays on life. I recognized my daughter in at least three of them! Starting Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner. Travis brought it from California for me.

Family Feud host Richard Dawson: Name a month of spring.

Contestant: Summer.

Home Again
Had a very relaxing, enjoyable time with the family units Thursday and Friday:) I'll post before and after pics of my hair later on; you be the judge as to if it makes me look any younger, LOL! Mom and I had a 'Girls Day Out' while the rest went to the train museum, and had a good long chat over coffee and muffins at the B&N cafe (more on B&N farther down).

Did I enjoy my trip down the slide? No. I've discovered I don't like to go down slides on my back, where I can't see where (or when) I'm going to land. Do I regret it? No. Will I ever do it again? No. My swim suit decided to imitate a thong, so let's say I was very happy I was the only one in line, and had extra time to umm...adjust everything before getting out of the way. I spent the rest of the morning in the hot tub.

New Policy
B&N changed their policy on POD (Print On Demand) books. They are no longer purchasing any for the shelves, nor are they buying any directly from the POD Author. But when I explained the circumstances surrounding why I wanted to set up a signing, she said she understood and would speak to the manager about it. She's going to call me later this month. If I don't hear anything in a few weeks, I'll call her.

I ran out of time, so I didn't get up to Folletts or Borders. I'll simply have to contact them by phone on Monday.

Happy Birthday D!
Did I mention we had Pepe's put the sombrero on him and sing to him? W loved it, and even tried on the sombrero. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my camera, but I got a pic of W wearing it with my mom's camera.

Yesterday, we ate our free breakfast; finished packing; spent three hours at my parents' house. I transferred 27 e-books onto my flash; I couldn't take my entire floppy disc collection. And discovered five discs refused to load: Boji Stones by Sandra Cox; A Grand Seduction by Lisa Logan; Absolute Trust by Kaenar Langford; Peek-A-Boo by Mary Martinez; and Confessions of a Nympho by Ashley Ladd. Obviously, the TEB ones I can simply go to the site and download them again. The other three I'll simply have to buy again, or try again later. And in May, I'll take another bag of discs with me when I go up for the Indy 500 and hopefully transfer the rest!

I also checked the DVD that Chad made for me, and all my files are there! Remember me moaning the loss of my NaNo wip? And the witty conversation in both Travis Experiment and Misty and Cory? All there:) Oh happy day...now I can get back to work!

I also printed out the final editing issues and will make the changes later today.

Stopped in Terre Haute for dinner on our way home and D got to eat his all-you-can-eat seafood. The servers even brought him a cupcake and sang Happy Birthday to him....and W was the one who covered his eyes and looked embarassed! When we got up to leave, the people around us offered congratulations to W until we explained Daddy was the birthday boy!

Reconnected with Angela and met her youngest daughter Thursday night. We sat in the hot tub and talked about our old schoolmates and 'where are they now', since she and I attended different high schools. My second grade crush is now a doctor in Illinois; the kid who once sprinkled pepper in his milk is now gay and living somewhere out West; the kid who tormented me in the fourth grade just this past year was married; various other classmates are scattered across the state and country. I hope many of them return for their reunion in late August; I'm going as Angie's 'date', since her boyfriend has no interest in attending with her.

And our daughters bonded, even though hers is four years older than S, but doesn't look it. K even thought she was only fifteen! After leaving the hot tub at midnight, we returned to the room and found a hungry D, who offered Denny's. S had a knot in her hair and desperately wanted/needed a shower, so she stayed with the sleeping toddler while the rest of us went across the street.

And stayed there until 3 am!

Do you know how long it's been since I've stayed up that late? Not counting insomnia...Needless to say, I slept in the van all the way to TH and went to bed around 9:30!

I'm off to do laundry and 'recupperate' from the mini-vacation. Let's hope that now that Spring is here, the union will call D back to work soon??

Go over to Jae's blog and check out the new picture of baby Z! He looks soooooo cute!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy Thursday!

First of all, hearts go out to Liam Niesan and family on the sudden death of Natasha Richardson.

Secondly, I have a new best friend. His name is Chad, and he works at Best Buy. Why is he my new BFF? He took my old PC tower apart, discovered the motherboard was fried; removed the hard drive, and now in the process of transferring all my documents from it to CD!! I hae learned my lesson, people. From now on, the minute I stop working on a document, I'm going to save it in three places: hard drive, flash drive, and CD! After going through hell the past year with losing documents, computer crashes...I'm not going to play the 'some day' game anymore.

Third, my toddler had a blast in the pool last night and nearly had to be forcebly removed from the pirate ship so we could eat dinner last night! Yes, I plan to take my camera with me today and get pics of him going down the slide and standing under the treasure chest as it dumps pool water on him. And though enclosed tube slides make me slightly clausterphobic, I plan on making at least one trip down today. The tube goes outside the building before twisitng its way back in. K loved it:) I will probably plop myself in the hot tub afterwards...

Last, today starts the NCAA March Madness, and I left my bracket at home. So you're spared my list of teams I've picked for today and tomorrow. Go Purdue and Butler! I forget when Illinois plays...

Today's To-Do List:
-Free breakfast
-Lunch at Olive Garden
-Hair appointment (finally getting this mass cut off and permed!)
-Pool (oops...I'd better take that slide before lunch!)
-Promo trip to Follett's, B&N, and Borders
-Dinner at Logan's Steakhouse
-Picking up my disc with recovered files from Best Buy, since Chad works from 5-close:)
-Pool/hot tubbing before bed; checking the scores to see how my teams did in the first-round games:)

Somewhere in there I'm hopefully going to connect with Angie and Jane, two friends of mine from waaaaay back:) I might even do some writing...depends on if I get inspired from seeing the files???

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's An Author To Do?

Currently Reading: Thoroughly enjoyed Elaine Cantrell's The Best New Toy of the Season!

Pssst...you wanna hear a story? I've got a good one.

It starts with a woman who is surprised by her instant attraction to a man, and who against her better judgement, goes off with him for the best sex of her life.

For his part, somewhere during the slaking of his lust, he discovers he's feeling a different emotion, and could this woman he's chosen be his predestined mate?

They declare their love for each other the next day and vow to live happily ever after.

What? You've already read this? Or even....already written it?

Congratulations! You're one step closer to publication!

There's been a lot of talk lately about writing to market, writing 'formula' books, or should authors write what's burning in their fingertips? Most of the advice follows 'write what you know'. But there's a catch.

When I first began writing, the 'formula' was boy meets girl/boy gets girl/boy loses girl/they make up and live happily ever after. I didn't want to write 'formula', so I wrote the book I wanted to read. But nothing happened.

So the next thing I wrote followed the first premise. But instead of stopping at the end of 'I love you', I took it a little further. I threw in a sub-plot about a problem in the woman's past and why it affects the choices she makes.

My second follows the formula loosely, in that the danger stems not from the fear of losing her heart, but her job. And my 3rd one asks the question, what would you do if you came into contact with your ex-lover three years later and discovered the reasom for the breakup was someone else's manipulations?

Yes, the formula works. And so does the mainstream formula. But doesn't that get boring after a while, when you can pretty much predict which chapter/page everything happens?

Here's what I propose for new authors: Write the formula book; get your foot in the door. Then you can submit those stories close to your heart.

Kenny Chesney proved it could be done in his career. His songs weren't selling, so he wrote and recorded the cheesy 'She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy', and it made him a star! BUT...now he's established, he's recording and selling the songs he wanted to perform.

See there? Sometimes conformity works.

But sometimes, you get lucky and that offbeat, fresh story also grabs an editor's attention. So submit your original idea first. If that doesn't work, go with the formula. Once you're published, you can submit your others.

So What's A Struggling Author To Do?
We had this dicussion last night at our weekly Laptop Society. One of our members recently returned from LA, where he's been meeting with producers concerning a script he's co-writing. On one hand, he thinks the ideas his friend has is so out there, it's impossible to comprehend anyone taking it seriously. On the other hand, at the second meeting, the producer is now talking series TV, not a movie, and wants him to break the script into thirteen, sixty page scripts, and oh, by the way, we already have actors who want to be a part of this.

Instead of being thrilled, my friend is torn. They're offering him a lot of money to do this, but it would mean moving out there for a year, and putting his own career on hold. He doesn't see himself being able to devote time for his own novel writing, and worse, not seeing his child for months. He feels as if he would be 'selling his soul/selling out' if he accepts the money for this 'insane project', and would he even want his name attached to this, since he can't believe Hollywood is even considering this? He went into the second meeting, fully expecting the alcohol from the night before having worn off, and to be told, 'Thank you very much, but I'm sorry'.

And then I whipped out my notebook and showed him the blog post I had written earlier in the day. While he agrees with me, he does have other circumstances which need to be considered.

So what would YOU do? Take the money, put your life on 'hold' for a project you don't believe in, but hey...it will get your foot in the door? Or listen to your gut and turn it down?

I'm off for a couple of days to play in an indoor water park with my kids, get my hair done, do a little self-promotion, and try to recover my files from my old hard drive. I don't know if I'll post or not; depends on if the motel has free internet, or if I'll have access to my mom's desktop.

Play nicely while I'm gone?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Told You This Would Happen...

Currently Reading: Finished Emerald Green, and now I'm on Elaine Cantrell's Best New Toy of the Season. Finally! She teased me all last fall with this book, and now it's on my flash drive!

It's Spring Break; week #2 of DST, and guess who's wide awake at 6am? Grrr...

I had to get up early yesterday, in order to put out the trash. I had my alarm set for seven, because my spouse has an eye appointment at eight, and since he's getting dialated, guess who has to drive him?

So what happened? I woke up around 5, extremely hot. Seems the toddler crawled into bed with us and decided Mommy was the perfect snuggler. Unfortunately, his body heat drove me out of bed and onto the couch.

Temps are supposed to be in the 70's today; I think I'll go walk the mile track in the park. It usually takes me about 10 minutes per lap, so if I walk for an entire hour, that will make it six miles for the day.

Operation Clean-Up
There's a new ceiling light in the (former) dining room/S's bedroom/my office/toy room! Plus, I managed to clear everything off the table we'd put up for the holidays and send it back to the basement. Watch it come up again for Easter...but it had become a 'catch-all' and was driving me crazy!

Today I hope to tackle the kitchen floor and do any last-minute laundry before we head north tomorrow.

Forgot To Mention:
Happy belated birthday to my Uncle Bill (12th) and K's friend Sam (yesterday)! I almost made a cake yesterday, but with D's sugar still close to 200 and me watching my calories, I decided against it. Especially with two teens gone for the day. But then Sam ended up eating dinner with us, and mentioned her favorite cake is red velvet, and her parents don't do the whole birthday thing. So after we gave her the birthday spankings, hugs, pinch, and kisses, we handed her $10 and sent both teens to the ice cream shop. And next time I'll listen when that voice tells me to bake something! Too bad we couldn't send them to Regina's house...but then again, Sam's from that area!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Don't forget to wear your green! And another Happy Birthday shout to my very first boyfriend and his twin brother:) I think today's also Steve and Heather's wedding anniversary...I took my future husband to their ceremony, so this would be year #18 for them!

Monday, March 16, 2009

They Did Whaaaat?

Currently Reading: Emerald Green by Desiree Holt. My son took over the computer yesterday, so I caught up on my 90210 reruns. Only 17 more episodes to go, and my Saturday mornings will be back to 'normal':) Unless I decide to start watching 7th Heaven...

Last Friday, the show The Doctors caught my attention. The topic was about the extreme measures some women take in order to feel beautiful. Two of the stories made me want to gag, and the third had me clutching my feet in horror.

The first one was a 'Thirty Minute Face Lift', in which various 'sugars/proteins/whatever-the-plastic surgeon-said' were injected into different parts of the face. Since I happen to hate needles, and it's only been nine years since I've had stitches in my forehead, I couldn't believe anyone would willingly do this, simply to look younger. And her 'before' picture wasn't that awful! I don't remember how old she was; all I could think of was, 'she spent how much money for that?' I really didn't see any difference in the 'after' picture. I think I'll stick with my Mary Kay regime, thankyouverymuch...

The second was about changing the color of your eyes. Don't want colored contacts? Get these new and improved lens implants! I believe I've mentioned my eye phobia before...I'll stick with the eye color God gave me.

The last one had me wondering about the sanity of both the woman and her husband. Apparently she's in the fashion industry (it didn't say as what) and loves her designer shoes. BUT...she's got so many corns, bunions, etc, it hurts her to wear them, and she "just doesn't feel sexy anymore when we go out and my feet hurt so badly..." Her solution? She had the bones in her toes shaved so she could fit into her shoes!

Her husband actually went on camera and stated, "I want my wife to be able to look and feel sexy in her shoes. She looks so good in them..."

Okay. Is he enabling her in her self-image problem? And what happens when and if this couple has kids? Yes...she's late 20's, early 30's people!

Couldn't she just buy her favorite pair in a larger size? I had a toe giving me problems several years back, and being the stubborn idiot I am, I tried everything before doing the surgery route. Which included wearing tennis shoes to a dance, instead of my dressy flats. And I've been blessed with friends who didn't look at me in horror and say, 'You're wearing that?" We ended up having a great time, and no one criticized my footwear!

I guess I've never been vain enough to care about certain issues. Yes, I cover up my graying hair; I want to drop a few pounds for my upcoming reunion; I'm not proud of the way I look in a swim suit and concede I'll never wear a bikini again. But over all, I'm happy with the way I look, and don't feel as if I need extreme measures to make me feel sexy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: Emerald Green, by Desiree Holt. Haven't actually started it yet! I also need to read one of my Laptop Society members wip...I've had it for two weeks!

Do you have Malcom X's autobiography? I don't know who wrote it.
-customer asking a question at the Strand Book Annex, NYC

Creativity Returned!
And my editor likes the way I wrapped up the ending:) But having an entire week, he's now found something else he wants me to change. And I like his suggestion, so this should be a cinch.
And the funny part is, I went through every single e-book on my flash drive and read the endings. Did it inspire the 'greatness'? No. Don't worry; your endings are safe!

What kicked it into gear was, I simply typed my smart-alec ending, got up to go downstairs to empty the dryer (it had buzzed while I was pondering) and WHAM! A line shot into my brain, and I liked it. After folding the clothing and starting the last load, I came upstairs, sat down, deleted my snarky line, and started typing. And it all came together smoothly.

After I make the changes to this MS, I'm going to pull up a wip I've not touched since this editing process began, and see if anything sparks. Next week is Spring Break for us, so I'm sure my computer time will be considerably shortened. Especially since daughter took the laptop with her.

Website Not Active Yet
Haven't heard from my web designer yet, so nothing is on the site. Keep checking back:)

Have a good weekend; our temps are supposed to be warmer, and I noticed our gas prices were down another 2 cents.

Time for another cup of coffee and reading the blogs to the right.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Slow News Day??

Currently Reading: Just the blogs and email at the moment. Will buy books later today:)

Yesterday, Bristol Palin's split from her fiancee was the second lead story. Today it's Jennifer Aniston's split with John Mayer.

My thought...who cares?

Bristol's 18, for crying out loud! Not many 18-yr-olds who marry 'because they're pregnant/had a baby together' stay together forever; a lot of them end up divorced, simply because they're too young.

But why are you picking on a 40-yr-old who is at the height of her career, seems to be happy, and finally over that horrendous event from two or more years ago? Get over it and go pick on someone else! Some women do NOT need a man to make them complete! Something I didn't learn until my thirties...

And perhaps the most 'shocker'...Anna Nicole's boyfriend helped fuel her drug habit.

Well we knew she just couldn't walk into the pharmacy and get them under her own name, could we? Noooo...there had to be an alias used. And now Howard K Stern AND two doctors are facing charges.

And this is news because....??? Let me check my channel. Have I stumbled on TMZ by mistake? No; I'm still watching network news.

Must be a slow news day if these are the top stories.

Website Alert!
My web designer is going to upload his design today, so check http://www.mollydaniels.com/ TOMORROW to see how you like it, or if it's working. Right now, all you see is the 'How To Get Started' info. Again, if anyone has dealt with Microsoft Office Live Small Business, please let me know if you love it or hate it?

Sent out my newsletter yesterday, and then discovered Tierney O'Malley's already changed her 'Featured Author' to someone else! Guess I should have checked to see how long my interview was up before I included it...

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Creativity Go?
(sounds of crickets chirping...)
I came up with an ending to my story...

'And they lived happily ever after...'

But I don't think my editor will appreciate it. Better come up with something more original. I tried going through my own finished manuscripts and looking at the endings, and still came up blank! Today, I'm going to surf through several e-books to see if anything sparks...Don't worry; I'm not planning to plagerize...just looking for an idea to hit my muse upside the head!

I did manage to walk 4 miles yesterday, and the only thing running through my head during it was promo ideas. I really want my edits finished before I head north next week (sorry Carol...not heading east! Maybe when I demand a REAL vacation, we'll head over there and meet up!)

Today's To-Do List:
-Housework. I know; fun, fun. But being sick has taken its toll on my floors, and hubby made an appalling statement: "If you don't get this place cleaned up, I ain't going with you next week.'

Okay...do I want to leave him behind and let him take care of the animals, or do I want him with me to help corral the kids at the water park? Big decision to make in the next several days...and why is it MY job to clean up the place? Oh wait...I'm the mommy. He works too hard....(record scratch) Huh? All he's done is watch TV. The most strenuous thing he's accomplished this week is to switch our fire extinguisher from beside the stove to the opposite wall!

Got news for him: This afternoon, it's going to be a JOINT effort! Even my sick kid can do a small chore this afternoon...and then go back to bed.

Maybe that will jump-start the creativity?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday News/Ramble

Currently Reading: Finished Jodi Picoult's Change of Heart, and boy is it good! I read her interview at the end, where she talks about her next book, and can't wait until it comes out! The topic is rather controversial, so I won't mention it here. Just go check it out for yourselves...or check back in a few months.

I've become a fan of the CBS Early Show's Family Sing-Off. Basically, they asked families to send in tapes of members singing; they would pick eight finalists and have the viewers vote for their favorite group, and the winner would get a recording contract.

Week #1, I correctly guessed which family would make it to the next round; the group who chose to sing 'ABC' just couldn't compare to the other group who sang a Cheap Trick song (the title is escaping at the moment...blame it on the stuffy head!). Week #2, I knew it was going to be close, but thought the group who sang 'On My Own' from Fame did better than the quartet who performed something else (see prior comment about stuffy head:). Unfortunately, I was wrong on that one. The all-guy group edged them out with a 2% lead.

This week, it's another tough call. This week's category was Gospel songs, and the first group has an amazing young lady (9 years old) with a powerful voice. They performed Aretha's 'Reach Out and Touch', and her sisters did a great job of backing her up. She's got great potential, if she ever learns to enunciate! But she's only 9...get this kid some singing lessons, and she'll go far! The second group performed an upbeat Praise song (not sure of the title), and they did a fantastic job...as long as they stayed in harmony! Their 14-year-old lead singer was trying to sing about half an octave too deep for her (imho!), and would have done better if the notes had been adjusted. So who knows who the viewers will choose?

New Website...I Think...
My spouse discovered Kim Kommando last fall; she's an expert on all things computer. Today, I read her daily newsletter about a free website; you get the first year free, and then pay $15 per year. I figured, what the hell, and signed up for it. As soon as I get the notification that it's Active, I'll let you know where to find me. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about Microsoft Office Live Small Business?? Am I wasting my time, or did I do a good thing?

Cold Vs Allergies
Today on the news, they had a checklist to tell if what we're suffering is a cold, or if it's allergies.
-Comes on slowly: Cold
-Run a fever: Cold
-Itching associated with symptoms: Allergy
-Last more than 2 weeks: Allergy
-Sick in March: Allergy

Okay...I guess I have a cold which is turning into the allergy? Or did my asthma trigger the cold? Or did this all start with the allergy, aggrivated my asthma, and then turned into a cold?

Let's recap:
-Last week, had nagging cough and wheezing. Diagnosis: Asthma flare-up. Inhaler cured it.
-Add to it a few days later, excessive sinus drainage, which the addition of Robitussin cured.
-Saturday, I could feel the sneezing start.
-Sunday, my body ached. Diagnosis: I've got a cold/flu flare up. Added Advil Cold and Sinus to my regime.
-Monday, can't breathe through nose. See above.
-Tuesday, food sounds good again. Creativity even slightly returns (always good when that's your job, lol!)
-Yesterday, I even felt like I wanted to make dinner, and having depleted the Walmart Robitussin, started on D's diabetic Wal-tussin. YES!!! This is the stuff I remember taking last year! This stuff is wonderful...you can literally feel the mucous dry up inside the back of your throat...(sorry if this is a TMI moment...)
-And yes, it is March...and several years ago, I always came down with a secondary sinus infection. Haven't had one for a while, and really don't care to get another one!

And since my sense of smell has returned, I may work today instead of 'goofing off'...that and the fact I'm out of reading material...time to write my own:)

Found out my mother is putting us up in a motel next week which is attached to an indoor water park next week! Woo Hoo! I did tease her about not wanting her home invaded with five people, and having sleeping bags everywhere...But this way, she gets to enjoy the water park and splashing around with her grandchildren:)

Today's To-Do List:
-Walking. I think I'm going to show up today. Just didn't feel up to it on Tuesday...
-Writing the new ending to my contracted book. Did you see my mini-tantrum yesterday? Click here if you're interested.
-Free Teleseminar on publicity at 2pm.
-Washing the front room curtains. Noticed they're a little dingy.
-Chat with Adrianne Brennan before or after Surviver on the Novel Sisterhood. She's got a new series I'm dying to read. Maybe she'll give away a freebie tonight?? That's how I read her Blood of the Dark Moon...

Have a good day; I need to get dressed and head over to the park.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lesson From 1st Conference

Currently Reading: Still on Change of Heart. I may finish it today...this is getting good!

"If you go to Starbucks to write, take this (holds up power strip) with you..."

"People will buy you coffee if you allow them to plug into your strip!"

Ever since I joined the Laptop Society, I've brought my power strip along. Sometimes members have bought my tea, or stuffed pretzel, but I've not made it a requirement. And last night, having it along brought another added benefit.

Since the university is on Spring Break, only two of us showed up last night. Which was fine; I was able to get more work accomplished without all the chit-chat that comes with meeting new members, as was the case the past two weeks:) In fact, I even arrived early yesterday, so I could have some 'me' time, to unblock my creativity.

But when I arrived, our table was occupied, and my other fellow member was sitting at a smaller table. I plopped my backpack down and debated whether or not to try to hook up the laptop, or just order something and wait until the person left.

"Excuse me...if you two would like the larger table, I'll be happy to move to the smaller one..."

I smiled sweetly. "Oh thank you! If you don't mind sharing, I've got a power strip..." (When it comes to my favorite table, I'm not shy about taking it when offered!)

"Okay." He remained where he was, and B and I moved to his table.

He turned out to be simply surfing the web, but soon he was listening intently as B told him about the book he's writing; I asked for an impartial opinion about some edits; soon the guy realized he was in the presence of serious writers and closed his laptop, asking us about how we got started, did we always know we wanted to write, etc.

We may have recruited another member; we'll find out next week!

I'm starting to feel better; food is actually beginning to sound appetizing. Gee...wonder if I've shed any more pounds on this liquid and brocolli-cheese soup diet of mine for the past few days? I split a box of Kraft mac-n-cheese with my toddler for lunch yesterday. First solid food I'd had since Sunday's chicken strips (I wasn't in the mood to fight my food in order to eat...the family wanted fried chicken; I told them to pick me up some boneless strips from the deli counter! And they forgot my soup from Quiznos...). Monday, I had the spouse take me through the drive-through at Pizza Hut (did you know PH has a drive-thru?? I didn't!) for a bowl of their delicious B-C soup. Now if I could just force it up slightly to that sore spot in the back of my throat...but no; not possible. Don't you hate it when your throat itches? Same with the eustation tubes. I think it was the movie Airplane that had Lloyd Bridges swishing a towel (washcloth, perhaps??) between his ears? You get the picture.

Today's To-Do List:
-Call Circuit City! We still haven't made it down there to see about my old PC files. Must do this before they close forever...
-At least one load of laundry. See last Friday's post:)
-Quick trip to store. Daughter ate the rest of the Cap'n Crunch PB cereal. I've only had one bowl since I bought it Friday.
-Expand ending to contracted book. Editor's note: "I know you have a zestier ending in you once the cold abates!" Thanks, Chuck...Don't like my ending? YOU write it! (Just kidding...)
-Try to keep from blowing my brains out...from the sneezing! At least I don't feel like I'm trying to hack up a lung anymore...Anyone got better sinuses they'd care to donate?? Oh wait...you can't swap holes in the head...
-Another trip to Office Max for copies...I only have to pay 7 cents per page, vs 10 cents at the library! And I don't have to stand in line at the printer. Or walk two blocks from my parking space.

Tired of hearing me whine? Go check out Kelly, Anny, Regina, or Sandra. They'll cheer you up! Links are to the right if these don't work:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DST: Blech!

Currently Reading: Still on Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult. Scroll down for the Reading/Buying Schedule.

I really hate Daylight Savings Time.


I've stayed up until nearly midnight, and overslept this morning.

Why couldn't the stupid politicians keep their Time issues to themselves, and leave my state ALONE?

The good news is, next week is Spring Break for the kids, and we won't have to set our alarms.

Watch me be acclimated by then and waking up at 6:30 every morning...

At least I'll have the computer all to myself until noon!

March Reading Schedule:

3/13: Emerald Green-Desiree Holt
The Best New Toy of the Season-Elaine Cantrell

3/20: French Kiss-Sloane Taylor
A Psychic Hitch-Bekki Lynn

3/27: Penned Again-AJ
Make-Believe Lover-Ashley Ladd

What's on your list this month? Have you read any of these?

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm a Barbie Girl...

Currently Reading: Finished Breaking Dawn last night! Also finished Jake's Return. Another Recommended Read! Liana's got another one I'm looking forward to, Thin Ice. I'll be getting to it in a few weeks. Right now, I'm reading another Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart.

I'll post the March Reading Schedule tomorrow; time to buy some more!

Am I the only one who LIKES that Aqua song? I find it catchy. Heck, the entire CD is great! (Almost said album...oops, I'm dating myself!)

Anyway, didja see the news? Barbie turns 50 this year! I like her newer expressions better than the original. She looked snooty in the original. Haughty. Stuck-up.

My Barbie had straight hair; drove a camper; had cool evening wear, but the shoes always got lost. So my Barbie went barefoot a lot. Ken wore white shorts and a red and white striped top. I never owned Skipper; we had an assortment of other 'friends'.

Remember Tiffany? She had both blonde and brown hair, and just by giving her scalp a twist, you could change her hair color.

Jody, the old-fashioned Country Girl? She had hair to her ankles. I got her for Christmas, and two weeks later, we played 'Barbie Hair Salon' and cut off all that hair to her shoulders. My mother was furious.

The Lone Ranger? Okay; he wasn't a doll, he was an Action Figure! But he came complete with Silver, the horse, and took my Barbie off into the Sunset.

What happened to Ken? The dog got a hold of him and destoyed one of his legs. He couldn't ride a horse with only one leg, so he fell in love with Tiffany.

And when the dog got a hold of Barbie and chewed off one of her hands, my fickle Lone Ranger abandoned her for one of my sister's dolls. By this time, Barbie had better hair, better accessories, and drove a Corvette. Silver was left in my toybox while the two zoomed around the house.

Barbie's been criticized over the years for giving little girls a bad body image. I remember seeing on a talk show about a woman who had plastic surgery so she could LOOK like Barbie. We thought she was insane...Barbie's a DOLL, not an actual PERSON!

In my opinion, Barbie gave us dreams. She gave us hope, that someday we would find our dream men, live in our dream house, drive our dream cars. But when you become teenagers, that dream gets pushed aside as reality of peer pressure and acceptance sets in. Yes, some of us will have that dream of being popular, Homecoming Queen, and marrying the best-looking guy. But for the majority of us, we make our own happiness and find our unlikely Kens in the guys we didn't look twice at in junior high; the not-so-good-looking ones who turn out to be the 'one who got away'.

These are the ones who helped us with our homework; the ones who held the doors for us; the ones who listened as we cried about 'Mr. Wonderful' who broke our hearts.

Be honest; Did you marry your Ken? Or did you marry Someone Else?

My Ken is now on his second marriage.

My Someone Else has fathered 3 children with me and continues to struggle to make our marriage work.

And as I look back, Barbie starred in many of the stories I created, not knowing how to write them down.

My sister had Super-Sized Barbie, but of course, Ken would have nothing to do with her; she was too tall. I think she's now leading a lonely life in the bottom of our old toy box. And when we lost the makeup to the Barbie head, we used Magic Markers. If she's still around, I think she may be sporting a look more towards 'Clown Barbie'.

My daughter has 'My Size Angel Barbie', but since she stopped playing with 'girlie stuff' at the tender age of seven, she too sits in a closet. Thankfully, Birthday Barbie, Millenium Barbie, and Japanese Barbie are still in their boxes, packed away somewhere. The others are probably tossed in a box, waiting to be rediscovered. We also have two Barbie Volkswagon Beetles.

So what Barbies did you play with? What house/car did she have? Any particular memories you'd like to share?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Under The Weather...

Currently Reading: I'm up to Ch. 20 of Jake's Return, and have discovered I definitely missed several details last week! I should finish this today. Also, I'm up to Ch 16 in Breaking Dawn. This is getting interesting...

This past week, I knocked wood as I mentioned I was the healthy one in the house. But now, I can tell my immune system is under attack.

Woke up this morning with a pounding headache behind my eyes and a sore throat. Swallowed some Tylenol and exercised my right to go back to bed. I managed to sleep until 10am, to the concern of my family, and distress of the toddler!

"Mommy...will you make me some coffee?"

"Wait until Daddy's out of the bathroom; he'll make it for you."

"I don't want Daddy to do it!"

"Why not?"

"Because you're my Mommy!"

Thankfully, he did let Daddy fix him his weak morning coffee...but I don't think he drank it!

I'm off to the shower and see if that helps me feel better. I'm skipping church, so I don't spread any unwanted germs. My kids are thoroughly confused by Mom's sudden break from routine!

I'm entitled to two days off:)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying...And Another Dittie...

Currently Reading: Finished Soul Stone last night. Wow...I wondered how and incubus and human romance would work out...great ending for this series! Another Recommended Read! I think I'm going to re-read Liana Leverenze's Jake's Return again, this time more slowly. I read it last week in a hurry for a Reader's Challenge, and now I want to go back and savor the details.

I'm up to Ch 12 on Breaking Dawn. Dakota, you really need to read this book...there is an element to her vampire sex I think you'll enjoy:)

Host Chris Searle: In which European country is Mount Etna?

Caller: Japan.

Searle: I did say European country, so in case you didn't hear that, I can let you try again.

Caller: Er...Mexico?

-during the phone-in quiz segment of the Chris Searle Show, BBC Radio Bristol

Eye of the Writer, Pt 2
Just as I was drifting off to sleep last night, the following popped into my head. I managed to write it down and return to Slumberland. Enjoy:)

Kel...Kel Kel Kel....Kel Kel Kel...Kel Kel Keeeeeelllllll...(repeat)

Kel's our gal
For Regency, murder
And now she's switched into Inspy.

Her Blu was hot
It was causing conflict
As it posed a dire threat to Real Life...

Now she's
Written one and has submitted as well
Fingers crossed and clacking on her laptop
She's time-traveled and even
Gotten sucked in the book,
Blogging, Facebook, and MySpace , oh what....

Is her new pen name?

If you think I've lost my mind, either scroll down to Brynn's, or click here to see the video which inspired all this nuttiness!

Speaking of Facebook, the other day I saw a friend from my past who's brought to life several pleasant memories. We worked together twenty-one years ago; I was a summer temp and he was my foreman.

We had attended rival high schools, and since the job required getting hot and dirty, we all wore T-shirts every day. About every two weeks or so, either he or I would wear out Senior shirt, and the day I walked through the door and discovered we had chosen to wear them that day, the other other guys kidded us about an all-out war.

"No; we know whose class was the smartest," I laughed and went about my job.

I think that's the day he started chasing me around the factory with the forklift.

I'd also playfully smack my broom against his feet if I was sweeping up sawdust.

One day, after I'd just put all the rivets into their slots of the semi trailer we were making, he came over to speak to me about something and hoisted himself up on the sidetable. When he finished, he jumped off, causing every single rivet to pop out.

"Get back to work," he said.

"Oh no...YOU caused them to pop out; YOU put them back in," I replied.

He shot me a look; I stared right back. He shook his head and began replacing all the rivets. I patted his back and said, "Good boy!"

For all our kidding around, he knew that if he wanted something done, he could count on me to do it. There was another coworker who lorded it over me daily that she had managed to get hired on while I was still receiving 'temp' pay, but the fact of the matter was, she was jealous of me. I didn't need the job and she did. But...our boss would ask her to do something and soon he'd be coming to me to see that she finished it.

When I gave my notice, he threatened to kidnap me and not let me go back to college!

I came back for my quarter break and asked him why he hadn't fired me for insubordination.

"Are you kidding? You were fun to have around!"

I also went drinking with he and the guys, and he got mad at me:

"You're bad for me; I've tried to pick up every single woman in this place, but they all think I'm with YOU!"

I shrugged. "Not my fault they have better taste in men!"

He's still working at the company and has changed his life around since then. He's actually a preacher with his own church. A 180 from the man I knew back then:)

Enjoy your Saturday; I may do my final chapter edits; I may just relax and read today.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Want Some Cheese with that Whine?

Currently Reading: I'm on Ch 7 of Breaking Dawn. And with the below complaints, I still haven't started Soul's Stone yet.

"Mo-om! My scout socks are dirty, and I need them in an hour! Didn't you do laundry today?"

"Mo-om! I forgot to tell you W had an accident last night. Can you please wash my bedding?"

"Mo-om! This is my last pair of clean underwear! Isn't Thursday laundry day? What did you do all day?"

Eye roll.

My teens know how to run the washer and dryer. I didn't know my scout had worn his new BSA socks to his meeting Monday night, and word had just arrived four hours before about the Eagle Board meeting to review his Eagle Project.

When W climbed out of bed yesterday morning, his nighttime diaper was DRY! Apparently, it 'shot out' a leg opening...and K didn't inform me of this fact until 5pm...

And finally, I finished the corrections on chapters 2, 3, and 4, plus edited Chapter 5 yesterday! What was Mom doing all day? Working! Back me up, here, hon...you witnessed me talking out loud, trying new phrases and frantically searching for my thesaurus. And agreed with me when I said I needed a new one.

What? You're taking the kids' side?


What the hell would this family do if I actually worked a 9-5 paying job? Oh the outcries...I'm forcing them to do their own laundry, wash the dinner dishes, feed the dog, and actually sweep and dust once in a while. Call Child Services...Mom's being neglectful...

Back up a minute: What is DAD doing all day long?

Sitting on his ass in front of the TV. So who's the lazy parent NOW?

I may move back to the library...at least there I can work in peace!

Happy Friday:)
I heard that gas prices have shot up 20 cents again. The news this morning said some gas stations were selling it for $2.02, while others were still around $1.79. Since it was $1.96 around here yesterday, I'll find out later today if our prices went up or down.

The temps are hitting 70 today! We're going back to storage for some more organization. If you'll remember, I quit just as I got to the back wall last October. And since more has been added since then, this is the perfect day to go down there. Especially since we plan on adding some more, as soon as we can get a U-Haul truck to clean out the other one up north! (See last Saturday's post)

Today's To-Do List:
-Finish the laundry; my semi-incontinant dog strikes again! This time, it was on hubby's side of the bed; his blankets were hanging down, and she was laying on them. 'Nuff said...and yes, we took her to the vet and she's on medication.

-Chapter 6 edits. My editor is happy with the changes to Chs 3 and 4, but I've yet to hear back on 5.

-The aformentioned storage unit reorganization:)

Time for me to hit the shower and get moving:) TGIF everyone!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Currently Reading: Finished reading Jude Devereax's Secrets, and it reminded me of one of her earlier books, Sweet Liar (I think was the title...Samantha; she had to impersonate her deceased grandmother whose husband was in the Mob???). I was disappointed in the ending; unless once again, being tired caused my brain to not fully comprehend the last chapter...I'll read the ending again before I put it away.

Will be reading Soul's Stone and diving into Breaking Dawn after I finish today's editing goals:)

Worked all day yesterday on the edits, and finally finished around 10 pm, to the complaints of my family!
Correction: Finished edits on Ch 2-4. Am tackling Ch 5 and more edits on Chs 3&4 today. Am NOT finished totally...

For a wittier post, scroll down and comment on my parody of Eye of the Tiger, with Brynn Paulin as the subject:)

Be back tomorrow; more edits await me!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eye of the Writer

This one's for Brynn...inspired by that video on her blog here!

Brynn...Brynn Brynn Brynn...Brynn Brynn Brynn...Brynn Brynn Bryyyynnnnnnn...(repeat)

Brynn's the one,
The one that we seek...
When we want Doms and tri-marriage

She sets it up,
Yes, she writes to our hearts
About the men and the women they crave...

She's the
Eye of the writer and she edits as well,
Points out flaws, POV and how to fix them...

Her Cress
Gang and menages have us panting as well
Wondering which one, oh what will it be?

Her next Best Seller!
-tune of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, as if you couldn't tell!

What do you think? Remember...no tomatoes!

Kissing School

Currently Reading: Was too busy to read an e-book, but with the various dr appointments for S and D, I took Jude Devereax's Secrets along. I'm up to Ch 10. And S finished Breaking Dawn last night, so now it's my turn! When I finish Ch 3's edits, I'll reward myself with Soul's Stone.

I wasn't sure what I was going to talk about...and then the Early Show caught my attention! A woman has been conducting kissing classes. Some of her students want to be better kissers; other couples want to remember how to reignite the passion in their lives.

According to the anthropologist interviewed, kissing raises three hormones in our bodies:

Testosterone, which sparks lust;

Oxytocine, which sparks romantic love;

Dopamine, which sparks deep feelings of attachment.

I remember hearing in junior high or early high school, that trumpet players were the best kissers. Well, I've kissed two guys who played that instrument, and neither of them are in my top 10 'Best Kissers'.

I've had guys whose idea of kissing was to present their tongue and expect me to do the rest.

I had one guy who preferred to kiss with his mouth closed.

And I had one guy who thought he had to shove his tongue down my throat every time.

But the best kisser (IMHO) is one who knows when to open his mouth and when to keep it closed. He knows just the right pressure to apply when necessary, and when to be gentle and tender. And no slobbering.

What about you? Any bad kissers in your history? Or have you been blessed with only good ones?

Family Update:
-S has strep throat and is on antibiotics.
-D's eye surgery went well; they are doing the other eye next week.
-My asthma's been acting up the past couple of days, but my inhaler and Robitussin DM has kept it under control:) It's nice to be able to breathe without drowning in phlegm!

Gas Update:
Dropped another two cents! $1.96 last night! I like this trend...the temperature goes up, gas prices go down! Until the month of May, at least...as every Hoosier knows, the Indy 500 brings higher gas prices!

Brynn has a hilarious video on her blog today. Go check it out!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Job Hunt

Currently Reading: Rewarded myself after finishing up Ch 2 edits with Ashley Ladd's Liquid Heat and Submissive Desires. Loved Desires! I'm calling it a Recommended Read:) Also read Elyssa Edwards' Lover's Stone, another Recommended Read! Next up is Soul's Stone.

In my Arbor U series, the characters are in college, studying for their chosen professions:

Elicia wants to be an administrative assistant.

Amy, a psychologist.

Keri's goal is to be the first ever female member of an Indy Racing pit crew, or even Crew Chief.

Gretchen's dream is to travel, and eventually work with the elderly as a Social Worker.

Caitlyn wants to be a third grade teacher.

Stephanie dreams of coaching sports at her old high school.

Susan also wants to be a teacher, though she's not sure of what grade to teach.

Lynn's major is Business Administration, though she's enjoying being a member of the Cheer squad and entering the Miss Arbor U pageant.

Tara wants to become a chemical engineer.

Donna wants to work for a major newspaper one day.

A yet-to-be-named character dreams of becoming a nurse or doctor.

Kathryn wants to open her own daycare for the six and under set.

Cassandra wants to become an accountant.

These stories have been in my head for over ten years. I've written most, or at least part of the last six stories, all but the nurse/doctor one.

I also have some other yet-to-be-finished stories:

Erica owns her own convenience store.

Randi works for a corporation in her home office.

Tori is a DJ who was on a reality TV show.

Misty writes for a local, tri-county business newspaper.

Katherine was recently widowed, and is in the process of healing her grieving family.

And the ones written in the past two years?

Angela is co-owner of a trendy boutique and designes jewelry.

Emma manages a riding stable.

Courtney is a chef in a country club.

Amber owns her own cafe.

Cara is assistant manager of a private charity club.

Tammy designs and sells handicrafts from her home.

So what's the point of all this? My character Thalia needs a job/career. She lives in a small town with her four-year-old daughter, and has been divorced for two years. Her parents live thirty miles away, so she obviously needs a job/career that pays well enough to support daycare for her daughter. Any suggestions? I've discovered I keep recycling careers and would like something fresh. But not too 'out there'.

Customer service? Landscaper? Architect?

Weather Update:
Is this crazy or what? It's supposed to be warmer in Denver, Colorado, then Tampa, Florida today! The east coast gets hit with a snowstorm; Texas is in the 90's; we're actually going to be above freezing today at 42. Just wish that wind would settle down! We hit 31 yesterday, but with the wind whipping around, it felt like 20 or below. So depending on where you were the past two days, March either came in like a lion, a sleepy lamb, or for us, a lamb throwing a temper tantrum.

Gas prices shot up last week from $1.79 to $1.99...but have now dropped an entire penny. We didn't get any snow. I've not been out of the house yet; if it drops some more, I'll report it tomorrow.

Today's To-Do List:
-Walking from 10-11:30
-Take S to the dr...the kid woke up with a sore throat yesterday and now has white spots on her tonsils.
-Take D to the eye dr for his surgery
-Edit Ch 3
-Laptop Society Meeting tonight.

Have a great day and check in with Kelly; she's got good news, if you didn't see it yesterday!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Currently Reading: I finished AJ's Anyone But You, and now it's a toss-up as to which book I like better...ABY or Mirabelle...

Pics From Yesterday:
W's new toy golf set...he's already 'golfed' in the living room, scaring Oreo!

Just what every 5-year-old needs...a Nerf gun! This morning, he turned the thing around and squeezed the trigger, aiming a blast of air at his eye. An ice pack and he was okay...at least it wasn't the 'bullet'!

His cake...which this morning has only two pieces left!

Have no idea what S is doing to her little brother (I think she's turning his head to face the cake!) Happy Birthday, sweetie!
An hour after the party..."Mommy? Do I turn six tomorrow?"
This week I have got to finish my edits! The only thing we have this week is D's eye surgery tomorrow...he has fiberous strands forming behind his implants. They are doing one eye this week and the other one next week. I should have a good week with few distractions.
To-Do List for Today:

And his favorite gift?
Tool bench, "Just like Daddy's! Cool!"
We'll be moving it to the basement before he gets home from school! The thing can be taken apart, made into a carrying case, and reassembled! I don't know who had the better time putting it together...Daddy or W!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Finally Here!

Currently Reading: I mentioned yesterday I'd finished Eclipse and loved it! Now I'm waiting for S to finish reading Breaking Dawn. She's got about 150 pages left. I settled down yesterday with Dakota's To Hate and To Hold, and I gotta say...she paints a better picture of vamps than Stephenie does. In Twilight, the vamps are cold, don't sleep or eat, and I have to wonder what the attraction is. Dakota's vamps are warm, and as a person who can't stand it when the temperature drops below sixty, I can't fathom holding someone close who doesn't warm me up! So in that regard, I'll take Dakota's vamps over Edward...though I love the storyline and the relationship between he and Bella! But if I were in that town, I'd take Jacob over Edward. Not going to give anything away; let's just say his body heat is more to my liking!

Also finished To Catch a Casanova by Erica Scott, and it was...interesting. I wasn't expecting a certain scene, and it sort of repelled me, but as everything turned out well in the end, I was satisfied. Next up is a pair by Ashley Ladd, Liquid Heat and Submissive Dreams. And I'm also reading Lori Foster's Scandalous, which has two stories in it. I finished Scandalized last night and am now on Sex Appeal.

Every morning this past week, W has woken up with one Very Important Question on his young mind...

"Mommy? Am I five yet?"

"Not yet. Sunday."

"Is tomorrow Sunday?"

This morning, when he called out, I pounced on him and spanked him lightly, five times with one to grow on. A pretend pinch, a genuine kiss, and a round of 'Happy Birthday' had him squirming.

"That tickles! Is today my birthday?"

I checked the clock. 8:30.

"You've been five now for 5 hours!"

First on the agenda is a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, and sausage, followed by church, a trip to see his Grandma Jeanne, and then a trip north to have a late lunch with his Grandma Sally and Grandpa Mike. When we arrive home tonight, his friend I and her family will be coming over for ice cream and cake, and he'll open his presents from us. I don't dare give them to him before church; he'll want to stay home and play with the 'big' one, and it's just not that portable!

Great Day Yesterday!
I sold two books; nearly had a third sold, but the woman didn't come back. She did take my card with her, so maybe she'll order it later? And it was soooooo nice to hear kids say, "Oh yeah, I saw your poster at my dorm/classroom/library!"

Proof that promotion does sometimes work, hehehehe...

It was also great to see eyes light up when I explained the concept of the e-book. Several students said the computer is where they spend the majority of their time anyway. Some even signed up for my newsletter.

This coming week should be a lot slower than last week, and I should be able to do more work on my edits. Sadly, I was only able to do a whopping seven pages. If I do a chapter a day, I'll have the thing knocked out by Friday:)

Instead of traveling north yesterday, D took the boys SOUTH to the BSA store. K was able to get his uniform pants, socks, and a new belt. They also stopped at Home Depot to walk around, and finished with a late lunch at a Chinese Buffet. I teased them about not stopping at Gander Mountain, and was told they thought about it, but resisted temptation!

Hopefully, I'll have pictures to share tomorrow. Have a great day:)