Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying

The shark prevention net was dismantled for maintenance on 1 November 2004.

We Apologize For Any
Inconvienience Caused.

sign at Australian beach

"Where ARE You?"
Sigh...friends, gotta love 'em. I guess when your main job is to stay home and write, people expect you to pick up the phone immediately when they call.

Surprise....I'm usually running errands during certain times of the week. I have Caller ID; I also have voice mail. I do NOT have a cell phone, so if you call me and I don't answer the phone, leave a message or just hang up. If I recognize your number and have time to call you back, I will do so.

But please...remember what I said about common courtesy so many posts ago? Do NOT yell into the phone, "Where the hell are you? You'd better call me back pronto..." because this is not going to get you a favorable response.

I'm likely to take my time calling you back and when I DO call, I'll let you know I didn't appreciate your tone of voice. I do have a Life outside my home.

Today I'll be digging through old photographs, looking for copies of any BSA pics. Wish me luck!


Anny Cook said...

Love answering machines... and never turn on cell when out, anyway.

Unknown said...

That annoyed me so very much when I worked from home or was going to college but didn't have a full time day job. People expected me to drop everything I was doing so I could babysit. Another person I know now only calls me when she needs money or a favor. Like you, I look at my caller ID before I answer. Lots of times I don't pick up if I'm busy or don't feel like talking to someone. I'm getting tired of only getting calls from certain people if they need a favor but they don't call for anything else. We're important, too. Our lives are just as important as theirs.