Friday, May 16, 2014

Flashback Friday: Graduation!

May 1984:
This song came out a few years ago, but I always think about the chorus every year at this time:

"As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be friends forever..."

-Vitamin C

As I reported last month, May began with me having to resort to Plan C for the prom, then having the school officials call my house when I didn't show up for the After Prom.  If I couldn't take my 1st choice, or even my 2nd choice, to the darn thing, I might as well go home to bed.  Most of my 'other' friends were juniors anyway.

What followed next was a round of award banquets, in which the other seniors and I were honored for our achievements in Band; I attended the Honors Award Banquet to watch B receive his scholarship award money; and at a special dinner for the H.E.R.O program, we watched a slide show, capturing little moments we did while on the job.  The day Mrs W had showed up to photograph me, one little girl, Chandra, followed me around and made sure she was in every shot!

I also attended my cousin's graduation party, and several people and relatives showed up for my own.

Finals were taken, and we were released a full week ahead of everyone else.  I showed up for Graduation practice and discovered a snafu.

Graduation Disaster???
I was sitting in the bleachers with three friends, and I knew alphabetically I came before Djuana McIntyre, so it was a shock when I heard her name and not mine.  Then as they continued to call names, Kelly's wasn't called, nor Tonda's, nor Pam's.  WTH???

After everyone had been seated, they then called our names.

Turned out whomever had been in charge of providing a list of orchestra seniors had sent the wrong list.

"We're going to set up a row at the back, and it will be your responsibility to watch for your spot in the line."

We practiced it, and they also urged us not to panic if for some reason we received someone else's diploma.  It could be sorted out after the ceremony.

As it turned out, this proved good for my family, though we were all a little put out and jokes made about our 'special' row.

My grandparents flew in from Florida and brought me a wonderful set of luggage; my other grandparents and disabled aunt attended and since I was in the back row, Aunt Julie was thrilled to be able to see me.  I was ready to kill Doug Lumley's family, since someone's camera kept going off in my right eye.

I did manage to find 'my spot' in the dark, and walked off with the right diploma.

After the ceremony, B caught up with me and we exchanged cards and hugs:)

"Hey Molly!  You've just graduated from high school!  What are you going to do next?"

Next Month:  FLORIDA!!!!!

Present Day:
I'm almost caught up on all DVR'd shows!  I still have to make it through the Lone Ranger, then Tiger Eyes and Transformers 1 and 2:)  

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
The Great Escape
Edge of 17
The Great Pretender
Greatest American Hero

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