Friday, August 8, 2014

Flashback Friday

I know; I've been a bad blogger again.  In my defense, I've been a little busy with kiddos leaving my care, my sister being in town, and getting my youngling set up on K-12.

Aug 1974:
I approached our registration with trepidition; I had wanted to be retained so I could have Mrs. H again, but I found myself thrilled when friend KB and I would have the same teacher, Mrs. M.  The first week of school, however, I was NOT thrilled with the fact I had to only check out books from the 'little' library, and was restricted on the books I could read from the shelves in the classroom.  Since I tested at the 3rd grade level, I was only allowed to read the books I'd read two years before.

I was also disappointed when I learned our class would be split up for certain subjects, and KB and I were separated.

I also remember making fun of my sister, who was attending preschool again.  Since she wasn't old enough for Kindergarten yet, I laughed that she'd been 'held back'.  We also added another verse to a popular saying:
Nursery School, Safety Pins!
Kindergarten Diapers
1st Grade Babies
2nd Grade Tots
3rd Grade Angels (I was happy to finally be an 'angel', ha ha!)
4th Grade Snots
5th Grade Peaches
6th Grade Plums
All the rest are dirty bums!

Meanwhile, friend KE and I were drifting apart.  Even though we lived in the same neighborhood, she was forming her own friends in 2nd grade.

Next Month:  Cliques Forming

Present Day:
Today is Day #3 of K-12 pre-lessons, and so far, so good.  The only issues I'm running into are trying to plan my day and finding time to edit.  Yes, 2nd round edits have appeared (I did the first round last week) for Kenzie's Star Bond, and hope to have cover art soon.

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
Heart of the Matter-Don Henley (sang this last week, but my camera batteries died)
Heart Won't Lie-Vince Gill/Reba McEntire
Heartbreaker-Dionne Warwick
Heaven-Bryan Adams (back up)
Black Velvet-Alannah Miles

Have a great weekend!

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