Monday, August 11, 2014

Team Frankie, Baby!

If you're not a fan of Big Brother, skip this post.  Or go see Kenzie's News:)

Last night's episode was one for the record books.  Let me do a brief recap, then I'll get to the heart of it.

Last Thursday was double elimination week, and The Detonaters looked as if maybe they were heading for dissolution, but Caleb realized they were in danger of losing their numbers, and rallied Frankie, Christine, Cody, and Derrick to oust Jocasta instead of Zach.  Then in a split-second decision, Caleb won HOH and put up Hayden and Donnie, which D won POV and saved himself.  Caleb then put up H's 'girlfriend' Nicole, but the group sent Hayden, the surfer-dude/pedicab driver, packing.

Nicole and Christine won HOH last night, and nominated Zach, Donnie, Frankie, and Caleb.  The plan was for Caleb to throw the competition, so Frankie would go home.  Zach, Caleb, and Derrick all confirmed to Nicole that Frankie tried to throw everyone under the bus in order to 'look good' to all.

At the competition, Caleb confronted Frankie, and sat down, saying he was not going to cooperate in the challenge.  In a valiant effort, Frankie managed to BEAT Donnie and Zach in the Battle of the Block, saving himself and Caleb.  This game came down to the wire, with both teams trying to put their balls in the final cup.  Frankie literally beat them by seconds, manipulating his long board connected to two chains, and effectively winning a two-person game all by himself.


In the news Saturday, I was not happy to see Frankie had finally 'confessed' to his teammates that Ariana Grande (I don't know who she is, but apparently she's a rising pop star??) is his sister.  Why would you give that up NOW?

But after coming thisclose to eviction, Frankie is playing the only card he has left, in hopes this will save him.  So now I understand why he told his secret.

Personally, I have loved Frankie and his pink hair from the moment he walked into the house.  He plays a wonderful social game, and I hope this isn't the end of 'Zankie', the faux 'showmance' (if you can even call it that, lol!) between Frankie and Zach.  F is openly gay, and Z says he's straight, but I love their cuddling scenes:)

I'd love to see Donnie go home next week, so the Detonators can implode on each other.

Stay tuned!

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