Friday, September 16, 2016

Flashback Friday: House Hunting

Sept 1996:
We knew the time was quickly approaching to make a decision about the kids' education, and decided to contact the realtor who'd sold Great-Grandma's house to see if he could find one for us.  We looked at several in rural Marion and Hendricks county, and even two around the Moorseville area, but nothing seemed to come together.  D fell in love with one particular property, but wasn't crazy about the fact it was down in a valley.  We drove down after a few days of heavy rain, and sure enough, the flooding was close to the house.  We said no to it, and kept looking.

We'd fallen in love with the concept of a manufactured house, and found two floor plans we liked, including one company's who was building a neighborhood of 5 acre lots.  We both liked the fact several lots were wooded, and decided to think about it.

In the meantime, K was making friends with kids who had moved in near us, and was enjoying playing with other kids.

One thing I forgot to mention:  K learned the hard way about trusting others.  When we bought him his 1st 'big boy' bike the previous year, we instructed him NOT to leave the bike alone.  One day he'd ridden down to the other end of the green space, but wouldn't come home when called.  D went to get him and found him in tears.  Apparently, one of his so-called 'friends' had twisted up the training wheels in order to ride it, therefore ruining them.  K didn't want to push his bike home, and couldn't ride it, plus knew the rule for leaving it behind!  Lesson learned:  Don't let kids older than you ride your bike.

D was able to bend them back into place, and K didn't play with him anymore.  The boy's sister ratted him out; apparently they were Hispanic and the kid was the only boy, so was able to pretty much do what he wanted without repercussions.

Present Day:
A slight glitch has pushed out closing on the house back a week or two....maybe.  Apparently when the homeowner insurance binder arrived, it caused our downpayment to be $20 more than originally planned.  Instead of consulting with our mortgage lender, the underwriter pulled up our account, saw we only had $1600 in it, and suspended the mortgage, due to 'insufficient funds'.  If he'd spoken to our lender, he would have been told the rest of the $$ was going to be deposited the day before we close!  So now we don't know if we'll close next week or closer to October 1st.  Our landlord called; she'd given our house to a local church and we'll need to be out by December 1st.

What's that?

What house, you ask?

This is our new house, a 3 Brm, 2 full bath, and it comes with not just one, but three city lots:)

Back yard, including the car port D plans to turn into a garage.  There's also a space past the car port where a barn once stood, so he'll be building another one:)  We'll also have to fence in part of the yard for the dogs.

The Tween has two football games this weekend (one's a makeup game from last week, due to rain), and I'm headed to Jeffersonville on Sunday for the Kentuckiana Book Blitz.  Sales were good last week, so I hope to continue the trend:)  Plus, I handed out 94 copies of the poem I'd written.  I'm desperately out of business cards, plus sold out of Wild At Heart, Love Weighs In, and Hotel Stories, though more copies of HS should arrive either today, tomorrow, or Monday.

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
It's Bon Jovi Night!
Living On A Prayer
Living In Sin
You Give Love A Bad Name
Blaze of Glory (if there's time; I plan to leave at 11:30, so I can get some sleep. Have to be on the road by 6:30 am).


Liz Flaherty said...

Hope the closing goes through and that you get moved. It's good to have your own house.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Liz:) Yes, we'd looked forward to having several weeks to get the new house ready, move, and then take our time cleaning the old house VERY thoroughly before notifying the landlord. Hoping 8 weeks is enough now; I was also hoping to use our current house as storage, since we have a TON of stuff to go through-we've lived here 10 years and most of our other house (the one we lived in from 1997-2006) is stuffed in storage-and wasn't sure how long it would take me to make those tough decisions as to what to keep or donate.