Friday, September 23, 2016

FlashbackFriday: Wonderful Opportunity!

Sept 2006:
Take a look to the right.

See the picture captioned 'Sara's Book'?  That's my daughter's 6th grade picture on the title of her story, 'Frisky', a dog who ventures out of his yard and goes on an adventure, meeting up with other stray dogs and eventually finding his way back home.

How did this happen?  She arrived home from school, all smiles, saying every kid in her class was told to write and illustrate a story, and it would then be published.  Parents will be given the chance to order copies only ONCE.

She showed me the story she was working on, and her drawings.  All very cute!  A few weeks later, she brought home the order form, and we ordered 5 or 6 copies:  One for each of the three grandparents; one for her; and one for us.  Not sure if we ordered a 6th for an aunt or not.

The books arrived, and I was touched that my daughter had dedicated her book to me:)  We laughed over the other kids' dedications....some had dedicated to their best friends, or even 'boy/girlfriends'.  But the fact was, there were now TWO published authors in the family!

My oldest son didn't get this opportunity, and no word as of yet if my Tween will get it either.  But this was definitely a Proud Mama moment.

The house hunting continued, with friends at church praying we would find something.

Next Month:  One Last Effort; The Letter; Making The Choice.

Present Day:
Anxiously awaiting the call that lets us know our closing date!  It was supposed to be yesterday, but earlier this week it was delayed, due to the underwriter realizing our homeowners insurance would make our down payment $20 more, then looked at our ($1600) bank account balance and suspended everything.  Our lender was furious, since she hadn't spoken with him 1st.  But since our deposit came in on Wed, the new screenshot was taken yesterday, and we're hoping we get the news today when we'll close and if we can take a few hundred dollars and put food in the house again.  I'm literally down to one chicken meal; pork chops; one flat-iron steak; hot dogs; and a clean-out-the-fridge-night meal.  Last night, I used our final pound of hamburger to make Wacky Mac, and didn't have any salad or garlic bread.  Couldn't even MAKE garlic bread, since I'm out of garlic!  Grrrrr....

Last Sunday at KABB, I sold 2 books,  Very disappointing, but at least it paid for my gas home.  Plus, my voice began going year, there's talk of doing the event during a downtown event, so I'll give this one more year.

On Monday, my voice was gone.  It's now Friday and it's still husky, so didn't go to karaoke last night (though I could've sung Watermelon Crawl, lol!), and don't know if I'll go tomorrow night.  I didn't go last week, since I had to be up at 5:30 am.  But if I do, it will be Bon Jovi Night:)

Fall is now here, but Mother Nature didn't get the message.  We're supposed to be in the 90s until next week.  Tonight is Homecoming, and my Tween is in the parade, plus we have a football game tomorrow morning.  Last week, his team won both days:  18-14 on Sat and 38-0 on Sunday!  Both games the temps were in the low 80s.

Have a great weekend!

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