Friday, August 3, 2018

Flashback Friday: My 1st Kiss!

Aug 1978:
We had an unpacking party two days in a row for S's family, and on the 2nd night, as we were getting ready to leave, S wanted to talk to me alone.  I helped drag his brother from the room, then returned and asked S what he wanted.

He came over and kissed me on the cheek!  Alarmed, I pushed him away, then looked at his unhappy face and kissed him back, whispered, "See you tomorrow", and ran out of the room.  During the half hour ride home, I kept touching my face and reliving the touch of his lips.  So this is what love felt like!

I also began 7th grade, 'junior high' as we called it 'back then', and was soon used to the routine of changing classes.  I loved my English and Choir teacher; my Science teacher scared me; I was alarmed when I learned I had to take an Art class.  Ugh.  I don't remember if I had PE that semester or not.  I just remember being thrilled that I now had a secret; I'd been kissed, just as EM had in the 5th grade:)

Next Month:  Disaster In The Lunch Room

Present Day:
I'm home for the next week, getting ready to set up at the local Watermelon Festival, and to take care of the Back To School stuff before the kids return to school next Thurs.  I'm hoping to get some things accomplished in my Brown house, and maybe some writing accomplished.

Mom and I drove down yesterday and checked into the Holiday Inn Express, and we all went to dinner at Denny's.  Dad is expected to arrive later today, and I need to go to the Dollar Store, Office Max, and either Walmart or Lowe's.

Have a great weekend!

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