Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February Goals

 In some ways, January dragged, and in others, it seemed to go fast!  What was your impression?

Here's what I accomplished/didn't accomplish last month:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 243) Ugh....gained 1 lb, so not too bad...

-Buy a scale Not yet

-Finish cleaning out bedroom Sort of....

-Organize Basement New shelves look good!  Now to get two more....

-De-decorate house 1/14-Check!

-Hang pictures Nope

-Finish binge-watching Gilmore Girls Finished DVR Dec; now SE1-4 on Netflix 1/31:  On SE3 Ep 6

-Begin watching Mandelorian Not yet

-Type up Dad's/my stories Check!

-Begin artist search Not yet

Start socking $100-200 away per month Check!

-Buy 10 more styluses  Check! (red)

Health Update: 2/1:  Rotator cuff on left arm is 'irritated'; start PT on the 8th.

                           2/3:  Broke left arm in freak accident.  Surgery on 4th; released 5th.

                           2/22:  Staples Removed 

Mom Update:  Had to postpone delivery of chair, due to my fall.

Books Read: 3

           Print: 3

       E-Book:  0

Karaoke Songs Added:  7

Updated Book 'Tour':

-Evansville Women's Conference (April 8th) Cancelled; hopefully Nov 4th.

-Liberty Writers Conference (reader mode only):  April 10th, New Jersey

-Weekend With The Authors (June 17-20) Nashville, TN

-InConJunction (1st weekend in July) Indpls, In

-Imaginarium (July 9-11) Louisville, Ky Info resent; funds paid last year.

-Heroes For Kids (July 20th) Perrysville, Mo

-Royal Readers (Aug 9th) Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn

-Indpls State Fair (TBA)

-Penned Con (Sept) St. Louis, Mo

-Collectors Carnival and Crafts (Oct) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds

February Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 244) 2/22:  Lost 1!

-Buy a scale 

-Finish cleaning out bedroom 

-Buy shelves for basement

-Hang pictures ;

-Finish binge-watching Gilmore Girls 2/17:  Began Se 5; 2/20:  Begin Se 6; 2/24:  Begin Se 7

-Begin watching Mandelorian 

-Type up my stories

-Begin artist search 

-Buy 10 more styluses 

-Pay for new magnets and stickers

-Buy new laptop

-Get Mom's chair safely delivered and couch to storage

February Reading Goals:


The Kiss Quotient-Helen Hoang DRR!!!  OMG this book should be required reading.  LOVED it!!!
The One and Only-Emily Giffin DRR!!!  Love her books!
Breaking The Bro Code-BB Swan Skimmed most of this; the spacing and font kept bugging me. 
Breaking The Cycle-BBS DNF...font and spacing improved; just not in mood to read.  Tabled for later.
Breaking The Barriers-BBS DNF....font and spacing MUCH better; just not in mood to read.  Tabled for later.
Little Disasters-Sarah Vaughan Loved this!  RR!
Fire and Blood-George RR Martin
Hook's Little Mermaid-Suzanne Lynne
Going Down In Flames-Chris Cannon
Blackmail Boyfriend-CC
The Dating Debate-CC
99% Faking It-CC

Written On His Heart-Cathy Jackson
Achieve-Jade Waltz

Karaoke Songs:
2/18 No transportation

2.25*First time after Quarantine*
Take Me Home-Phil Collins DNH
Royals-Lorde So-so....
Do Wah Diddy-Manfred Man Voice cracky and too low.  Bleh.  Deleted vid.
Do Ya Wanna Touch Me-Joan Jett Surprisingly good!  Best song of the night!
Edge of 17 Sang this to celebrate my 'one wing dove' moment, lol!  Think I grabbed the wrong mic; could hardly hear myself.

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