Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clarification...and Good News:)

Currently Reading: Drake's Rules, by Barbara Huffert. I'm up to Ch 5 and enjoying it! The only reason I had to stop reading was the fact my daughter needed the computer. I'm going to reward myself with it, once I get my heroine to the airport:)

It came to my attention this morning yesterday's post is unclear, so hopefully this sets everyone's minds at ease.

-Roxie was rescued by J, not us. J took her out the deplorable conditions and cleaned her up.
-This was three weeks ago, not two. Roxie actually got along well with the other animals.
-Roxie was not 'turned over' to us after only two days; I did NOT mean to imply in any way, shape, or form, that we swooped in and took her. J and S did all the work; we merely provided her with a good home, as S had fallen in love with Rox and wanted to bring her home.
-J deserves all the credit, not me. I thought I'd stated that.

I humbly apologize for any confusion as to yesterday's post!

I have already spotted a potential problem with our new pet: She likes to eat Oreo's food. So either cat food will have to be put elsewhere, or Miss Roxie will have to learn to stay out of the bathroom, and eat her own food on the back porch. We're still on a learning curve here.

Good News:)
We have a new shower head! BIG improvement over the old one:) Bathing is now enjoyable again; now we're still adjusting to the controls. We had a leak the last couple of weeks, and D adjusted the levers. Suddenly, the cold water lever is tighter, and instead of bringing it forward to the same position as the hot one, we only have to turn it about half the distance. (Thoroughly confused now? So am I, even though I know what I'm talking about!)

New Chair!
Our St. Vincent de Paul store recently built a new building, so on impulse yesterday, D and I stopped in to see it. It's a lot more roomier, and lo and behold, there was a desk chair for only $15. A bit scuffed up on the wooden arms, but the seat is in good condition, as are the casters! D generously bought it for me, as the one I was looking at at Office Max was closer to $70. This is a huge improvement over the kitchen chair I've been using the past couple of months! I also got six paperbacks for 50 cents each: Robin Cook's Contagion, Judith Michael's Pot of Gold and Sleeping Beauty, John Grisham's Runaway Jury, Ken Follett's The Third Twin, and Jackie Collins' The Love Killers. I've probably got Grisham's and Collins' books buried somewhere, but just don't remember reading them. I got into chapter 3 of Contagion and realized I do own it already....somewhere. I'll donate it back when I'm finished reading it.

Goals For Today:
-Finish laundry. Only three loads not finished yesterday.
-Get my CR characters to the airport in order to send my heroine back to Boise. They were in bed until Friday, but I had them dress and go out for dinner. They spent the weekend at the dinner table; time for them to continue bonding and spend one last night together before she leaves...
-Wake up my fingers! I swear; they don't want to work this morning. I've written more typos than normal. I've already had my two cups of coffee; maybe I need food?

Happy Tuesday. Spouse is working; it's not raining; everything is peaceful. Hugs and prayers go out to Jae; Atlanta's under water and school's been cancelled and six people have already died. Hopefully she and her family are safe and well.


Unknown said...

I still think you both did a wonderful thing. Good luck writing! I'm about 1k away from The End of my current wip. Looking foward to starting a new one.

Anny Cook said...

Enjoy the new dog!

Regina Carlysle said...

You've been busy. I'd love to get one of those BIG showerheads like they have in Holiday Inn.

Sandra Cox said...

Chuck, my white cat--always had his own small table that was too tall for the dog to get to--to eat at.