Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did I Mention I'm A Guy's Gal??

Currently Reading: I am loving Ashley Ladd's Last Man on Earth! I'll be honest; I wasn't cracked up about the blurb, but won it last week during a chat. I've only read the first chapter, but can't wait to get back to it! Good job, Ash:)

Here's the September Reading Schedule (finances cooperating, ha ha):

The Oath: Bound-Adrianne Brennan (FB??)
Rescuing Clarice-Anny Cook (EC)

Drake’s Rules-Barb Huffert (CP)
Gillian’s Place-Rob Graham (AMP)
Infidelity-Debbie Gould (Red Rose Pub)

Naughty Nooners Antho-Dakota Rebel, et al (TEB)

Burn-Anne Rainey (Samhain Pub)Unexpected Mr. Right-Kelley Nyrae

Paul, myself, and Brent. I didn't know Paul; he and my friend Beth (not the one from yesterday; for whatever reason, I never snapped a picture of her! Baaaaad Molly...) have a wonderful Reunion story that I may fictionalize at a later date. I won't divulge a confidence, but should a Kenzie title show up as 'Class Reunion', you can bet it's theirs:)

Brent was one of my best friends in the 9th grade. I had a serious crush on a senior (I was allowed to 'group date', and my crush actually got to drive me home on more than one occassion, to my immense thrill!), and Brent got to hear all about it every Monday or Thursday mornings. I sat behind him in English Class, and would bounce story ideas off of him. This past weekend, we laughed about my 'Star Wars' ending, and how it 'foreshadowed' my romance writing. When we had to give speeches and pick the next 'victim', he would always pick me to be next after him, to my distress at times, if I felt I wasn't ready yet!

This is Mike, my 8th grade crush. He and I shared five out of seven classes together, and I don't think I missed a day of that second semester! We had 1st period Chemistry together, and when we'd have to label the test tubes, I'd always put my name first. Since there was two Mike's in the class, he'd put his full name. After the experiment was finished, I'd volunteer to clean up (Mike did most of the work anyway, ha ha!) and carefully peel the labels off, sticking them in my pocket. When I got home, I would carefully put an amperstand (&) between our names! And when we learned to write business letters in English, I memorized his address. Never worked up the nerve to send him a letter or call him...I just basked in the knowledge I could sit by him every day for an hour, or across the aisle in other classes. And in PE, I even got to partner with him in Square Dancing (yes, I debated about ever washing my hands again, lol...but did practice good hygiene!)
Mike also has an amazing singing voice, and was also part of a Barbershop Quartet and several duets. Whenever I hear/remember the song 'Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue', I remember his performance at one of the band/choir concerts. I regret my decision to pull myself out of Select Choir at the beginning of my 8th grade year; I didn't feel ready to be in the same choir class as the boys, and didn't know how I even ended up in that class, as to my knowledge hadn't even tried out! But when I tried out for it my freshman year, my Biology grade kept me at the top of the 'Alternate' list.
So why didn't we share all seven classes? Sixth period, he was in Choir while I was in Home Ec; Seventh period, he was in Industrial Arts while I was in Choir. I don't think our schedules would have been so in synch, had we been in Choir together. But who knows?
One other piece of trivia, then I'll quit boring you. Found out he grew up fifteen minutes away from where I live now, and he still has relatives in the area. Wow...what a twist of fate!
Am getting back to work now. The 'fall cleaning' continues; I'm moving into my office area and wiping down the doorways and washing the curtains. Later this week, I may even get bold enough to pack some of W's toys away, the ones he rarily plays with.
And yes, wrote a page yesterday before I was 'distracted' by Ashley's book (see first paragraph). Goal today is to get my characters into bed:)
What's your goal today? Personal or character-wise?


Unknown said...

You've got a great reading list there! If I ever get back to writing I'm at the point where my characters need to get to bed again! lol
Today I have to focus on a cover art form and edits for Heat Waves. I'm hoping to be caught up by Friday.
Good luck getting those characters in bed!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you're enjoying "Last Man on Earth". I'll have to do a better job on the blurbs, though.

I ran into only one of my high school crushes at my reunion last year. He was always a nice guy, but this time, we talked for quite awhile. Back in high school, he always had a cute girlfriend and band friends so I never had a real chat with him.