Friday, November 15, 2013

Flashback Friday: Surprise!

November 1993:
Toward the end of October, I felt my body change.  I was suddenly having to use the restroom more, and since it was too early to watch for my period (sorry, TMI), I bought a pregnancy kit.

Negative.  I was disappointed; I was sure that's what the body was telling me.  It did say to retest in a week, so without saying anything to my spouse, I went about business as usual.

Baby K was testing his boundaries, especially in the mornings, and I wanted more sleep.  So I spent several days recording his favorite show, Barney, since he knew how to work the VCR.  That way, he could get up, pop in his video, and Mommy could sleep a little more.

One week later, I tested again.

Positive!  Jubilant, I took K out for lunch, where my upstairs neighbor worked, and told her the good news.  She agreed to babysit K that night so D and I could go out to dinner, when I'd tell him.  But D came home grumpy, and none too pleased to discover I wanted to go to Steak and Ale for dinner.  But he agreed, and acted surprised when I dressed up a bit more, and that we were not taking K along.

"Oh want a date night?  Can't this wait til next week, when I feel better?"

But I wasn't sure I could wait, so we went.  And when he got up to visit the salad bar, I placed the pregnancy test on the extra plate, then followed him.  When he saw it, his reaction was less than the 1st time I'd told him, nearly 18 months before.

"Oh.  This is why you dragged me out here.  Okay, you're pregnant.  Can we eat and get out of here, please?"

Since his 1st reaction had been to light up like a Christmas tree, yes I was disappointed.  But also thrilled; maybe this time I'd get my baby girl.

My doctor, however, was thrilled:)  I walked into this office for the official confirmation, and he met me in the hall, wondering why I was there.

"How would you like to deliver my 2nd child?"

He smiled.  "Is that why you're here?"

"As soon as the little pink dot appears."

The nurse looked up.  "It's official; it turned purple right away."

Dr. S got out his little wheel, and that's when I realized I would NOT be attending my grandmother's birthday party in Florida. 

I came up with a great way to tell the grandparents.  We went to my parents first, and I gave Mom a small package, telling her I had an early Christmas present.  She opened it up, looked at the double picture frame with K's newest picture on one side, and said, "But I already have this one..." and then read the note in the other frame, which read, 'Coming attraction in July'.

Mom looked up.  "Coming're pregnant again?"  And burst into happy smiles and tears as she hugged me.

The next day, we drove to D's parents.  And did the same thing, only I waited til his dad's birthday the following day.  Which was hard, since I'd developed a cold and his mom tried to give me medication, then grew frustrated when I read the ingredients.  But when Dad H opened the package and they congratulated us (yes, his mom cried and hugged us also!), D said, "Now do you understand why she was such a pain in the ass last night about the medicine?"  I was forgiven:)

Plans for the following July had to be rearranged, since I would no longer be allowed to fly to Florida for my grandmother's 80th birthday July 16th.  The baby was due July 19th, but we also thought it would be nice if it was a few days early:)

Next Month:  Another health set-back for D.

Present Day:
I plan to spend tomorrow writing, since I've already cracked the 11K mark.  I'm still far from where I should be (25K at the halfway point), if I at least finish this book, or get close, I'll be thrilled.

Karaoke Songs For Tomorrow:
Evergreen (Barbra Streisand):  Hopefully I won't have another 'brain fart' on the melody!
Every Time You Go Away (Paul Young): This should be okay.
ET (Katy Perry):  Singing this again, since Mel won't be there to sing BackStreet Boys 'Everybody' with me.
Just Like Jesse James (Cher):  Redemption song:)  And if I get to sing more, I'll be thrilled to get into my F titles, or sing the few E titles which are keepers:)

Have a great weekend and see you back here next Monday! 


Marianne Stephens said...

Nice ways of telling parents about the new grandbaby-to-be!
Grandparents love hearing about new gives us a reason to say...I hope they turn out just like you! (good or bad???) HA!

Melissa Keir said...

Fun ways of telling about the baby. Did hubby ever get excited? I might have hit him with the plate!

Unknown said...

What fun ways to tell everyone. :)

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone:)