Friday, November 8, 2013

Flashback Friday

November 1983
For some reason, I cannot remember if we had Thanksgiving at our house, or went somewhere.  I do recall finding out that our Cheer Block was abandoning the traditional Girls Only, and going with a more modern coed look.  Gone were the skirts or dress pants, white gloves, and the traditional songs.  And since I'd spent most of my junior year sitting with the 1st row of sophomores, I decided not to join.

Instead, I quietly cheered on B from my spot next to the Pep Band.  I didn't have to pay for my ticket, since my mother was on staff and we simply walked in with the band.

Our Marching Band traveled back to 'The Land of the Little People', Johnson City, TN and competed at Grand Nationals.  We ended up taking 5th place, and returned home very happy.  I missed not having a boyfriend on the weekends to hang out with, but R and I enjoyed ourselves, since she wasn't seeing anyone either.

Next month:  Christmas!

Present Day:
I'm going on a Women's Retreat this weekend, Christ Renews His Parish or CHRP.  So no 'roke for me tomorrow night.

Have a great weekend! 

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