Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HDH #29

Welcome to another exciting HDH post:)  For others in this weekly blog hop, go here.  Have fun!

Story thus far:  Brian and Randi have an immediate attraction to each other, but she's dating his best friend.  Six months later, after the summer break, she returned.  John (Randi's b/f) and Brian  pick her up; Brian's none too happy because John has been partying with another girl while Randi's been out of town.  An argument occurs, and Randi breaks up with John.  A year goes by; Randi is dating another guy and takes a friend with her to see John.  Brian is there as well, and while Randi's friend is down in the basement with John, he decides to confront her.  I apologize for the slight head-hopping.

“You’re one of the best looking, smartest girls that John’s ever dated, and yet you let him go down there with another girl.”  Might as well grab the bull by the horns...what the hell...
            “I have no ties to him anymore,” she stated.  “Can I help it if they find each other attractive?”  You think I’m good looking?
            “Well, you dated him.  Doesn’t it feel weird to see him with a friend of yours?”
            “Not really.  I don’t feel anything for him anymore.”  Now you, it’s a different story...
            Brian paused, and added some tobasco sauce, then reached in the refrigerator for a slice of celery.  “And there you have it, my dear...the perfect Bloody Mary!”  Oh shit...did I just call her ‘dear’???
            He called me ‘dear’!  


Cathy Brockman said...

Ilove the thought.. how cute!!

Linda said...

Now I'm expecting to see them to jump on each other.