Friday, October 16, 2015

Flashback Friday: Halloween Disaster

Story Thus Far:
I'd begun my 2nd year of college with a resolve to do well.  However, the first day  I met someone whom I thought had potential and it was soon proved wrong. I made friends with his roommate, but in October, a series of events would soon send me into a spiral of depression.

Oct 1985:
G and I continued to do fun things in our free time. We went bowling; he took me to parties.  One particular party, N and his cousin B told us to come back and get them after we found the party.  An hour after we arrived, I offered to drive back and get them, since G was involved in a game of Risk.  When I went back to pick up the others, I received a shock:  B expressed jealousy after a playful hug from N, then after embracing me, kissed me.  Sparks flew.

I didn't know what to do, so at the party, I kept my distance.  B was N's cousin, for god's sake, and had just gotten out of a bad relationship!  While I wandered around the bonfire, some drunk decided I was the object of his affection and kept trying to talk to me.  I wanted nothing to do with him, especially after he spilled beer on my shoes, so in desperation to shake him, I went up to B and asked him to play along.  The drunk left me alone, but I soon enjoyed holding B's hand or having his arm around me.  When he and N were ready to go, I again offered to drive them back.  After N went inside, B lingered with me, then agreed to lead me back to the party, then asked if I wanted to take a drive.

We went out to the park, where we spent several minutes making out, then talked about what we were feeling.  We agreed to get together the following Friday.

What happened next, I'm not entirely sure whose fault it was.  B asked if I wanted him to take me back to the party or the dorm.  Since I had a personal rule that I'd leave the party with whomever I'd arrived with, I had him take me back.

An hour later, G was too drunk to drive, so I drove him back to the house.  We'd spent the night platonically before, so I laid down next to him and tried to go to sleep.  But an hour later, G got amorous, and called me by his g/f's name, even though I tried at first to get him to stop.

We woke up the next morning, me full of guilt and confusion; him having no knowledge of what had happened.

This put me in another quandary:  What would G think if I started dating B?  Just four days after?  I decided to keep it to myself.  Fortunately, G didn't act any differently toward me, and our friendship continued as before.

Halloween approached.  B told me he was looking forward to seeing me, and since I had no classes the next day, felt it was a perfect chance to be with him.  But he didn't show, and when he did, he was with the mother of his child, who showed no signs of leaving at midnight.

Angry, I did something extremely stupid, and began flirting with another guy.  I ended up doing the Walk of Shame the next morning, still in my Halloween costume.

Next Month:  Dad's Weekend, Academic Probation and The Talk


Present Day:
Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
Rolling In the Deep-Adele  Nailed it:)
Magic Power-Triumph Nailed it:)
I Remember You-Skid Row  Did well; botched the last line.
Don't Stop Believin'-Journey Someone sang this before me.
I'm out of batteries in my camera, so singing some favored repeats:)

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