Friday, October 30, 2015

Flashback Friday: Halloween With A Full House!

October 2005:
With a houseful of kids, my creativity kicked in for Halloween.  When we decorated the house, I made tombstones out of cardboard for everyone in the house:
D-Bled To Death
M-Absorbed into the computer
K-Recurring Football Injury
S-Trampled by Stuffed Animals or Hunting Accident
A-Screamed Herself To Death
J-Death by Whining
W-Death by Overexertion

For Halloween, we had two Scream characters; Cinderella; a Ninja; and a bunny rabbit:)

Present Day:
I was able to go to karaoke Wed and last night, taking four songs off of my 'sing list':)
Delta Dawn, Remember Me This Way, and I Got The Boy were added to my 'good' list, while In The End is on the 'maybe'.

Tonight, our little Tinkerbell will be trick-or-treating downtown with her daddy, then we'll take her around the neighborhood tomorrow.  

One of my 'adoptees', R, is now living with us until she gets back on her feet, so she, S, and I (and maybe K) will be dressing up tomorrow night for the Karaoke Halloween Party.  I'm going to be a vampire, since I can't find a Bride of Frankenstein wig.  No word on what K, S, or R will be.

Tomorrow Night's Songs:
It's A Heartache-Bonnie Tyler  Did well:)
Don't Pay The Ferry Man-Chris de Burgh  Nailed it:)
It's My Life-Bon Jovi  Was told it sounded good:)
It's My Party-Leslie Gore  Okay:)

                  Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Just found out another wonderful author has left this world.  RIP Fran Lee....your books are amazing, and thank you for your encouragement when we first 'met' online. Your family is in my prayers.

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