Friday, October 23, 2015

Flashback Friday

Oct 1995:
We'd taken the kids to the Halloween Party, K dressed like Tigger, S in the traditional Bunny suit (the ears now drooped, ha ha!).  Afterward, I took video of the kids in their costumes, and wanted to make sure I got a shot of S's beautifully decorated bag.

Me:  Turn your bag around sweetie; Mommy wants to see the other side.

S gets look of concentration on her face, then turns completely around, showing me her cotton bunny tail!  We laughed so hard I nearly dropped the camera!  Finally my spouse took the bag from her and turned it around to show the decorated side.

Next Month:  Thanksgiving:)

Present Day:
I'll be at our local Author Festival tomorrow from 9-3, then joining Mysti Parker on Sunday for an hour, in order to celebrate her new release:)

IF I get batteries for my camera, I plan to sing the following songs tomorrow night:
Ironic-Alannis Morrisette  Was complimented by several:)
Down In The Boonocks  Nailed it; Will Peppers shouted out, "I LOVE that song!"
Is There Life Out There-Reba  Did well:)
Islands In The Stream-Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers  Sang it with Mark and it wasn't TOO bad, lol!

RIP Marty Ingles

Thoughts and prayers to Shirley Jones and family

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