Friday, March 25, 2016

Flashback Friday: Youngling Turns Two:)

March 1996:
With the spouse in Ft. Wayne, we celebrated W's 2nd birthday with cupcakes and a few friends.

I was also able to watch the NCAA tournament on one TV while the kids watched their shows on another:)

Other than that, I don't remember much....

Present Day:
It's Good Friday, so today we're in full Easter Prep Mode.  MDQ and ME are arriving tomorrow, so today we're grocery shopping and getting supplies for the coming week.  My Tween took off too many days while I was gone earlier this month, so instead of being on Spring Break, we will be doing Spelling, Literature, and Grammar lessons next week.  The other day, I went over to Clark MS and picked up his enrollment papers for next year.

Last night at karaoke, I sang three songs:
You Learn Not bad....
Picture  This was by request, and I ended up being Kid Rock. Again, not bad, since I also had to sing Sheryl's part, since Violet didn't read well.
Champagne Supernova  Ugh.  Too low, though Brower told me I sang it better than another guy who regularly sings it!

Happy Easter!!!  He Is Risen!

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