Friday, March 18, 2016

Flashback Friday: Uh-Oh.....

March 1996:
Recap:  My marriage was strained, due to an old friend reentering my life.  At the same time, my great-grandmother had to be removed from her home for her own safety reasons.  Depressed, since being told my spouse intended to leave me any day, I sought solace in helping my mother sort through Grandma's belongings in preparation for the house to be sold.

Mom contacted an auctioneer and a real estate agent, in order to determine what changes needed done to the house in order to sell it.  The auctioneer's people arrived and assessed Grandma's things, of which the only really valuable ones had sentimental value to Mom.  But some of her Hummells did have to go to auction.  Mom told my sister and I to each choose one Hummell as a keepsake; I chose 'Out of Danger', which had always been my favorite.

Later that month, after the house was on the market, Mom discovered a few of the things she'd set aside to bring home were missing.  I didn't have them, and we think they were carted off to the auction.  Lesson Learned:  Definitely keep things in a designated area!

Friend KC and I went to see Up Close and Personal, and since it was a tear-jerker, I was finally able to cry and let out my pent-up emotions.  Easter was a somber affair; I think we simply stayed home, bought a meat and cheese tray, and spent a relaxing day with the kids.

Present Day:
I'm in Lafayette, and have spent a wonderful five days watching SVU, sleeping in, working on cross-stitching quilt blocks, and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Yesterday, for St. Paddy's Day, I wore my shamrock earrings and met friend AB-P at BW3 for fried mushrooms, eight boneless wings (4 parm-garlic, 4 teriyaki), and a Guinness as we watched Butler win in the 1st round game.  Purdue lost later, but IU won:)

Today, Mom and Dad are due back sometime tonight, so am pretty sure I'll be returning home tomorrow.  I'm not ready; if it weren't for the fact I have to sing Sunday morning, and have choir practice in Evansville, plus have to sing Tuesday night at the Chrism Mass, I'd stay here another week.

I didn't go to karaoke last week, due to extreme sleepiness.  Since I'm not sure when I'm going home, I won't post the same songs for tomorrow night.

Have a safe and happy Palm Sunday! 

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