Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Reading List

Did I meet my goals for Feb?
-Write Heart Song not even close...
-Pay for Writer's On The River  Check:)
-Buy Inventory  Some.....
-Find a publisher for KiRah  Maybe...I subbed to Roane Publishing, and they requested the full MS!
-Attend E'ville authors meeting  Cancelled, due to Tammy's family emergency
-Did manage to write 2 poems!!!

March Goals:
-Work on Heart Song
-Write April Blog Post for 50 States  Check:)
-Attend E'ville writer's meeting Postponed til April
-Buy inventory for Madison and Nashville events Check:)
-Do well at Eagles' Craft Fair (March 12th) Sold 4 books and 4 CDs:)
-Sing at Chrism Mass  Check:)
-KiRah publisher?  Self Pubb?  Close to a decision....
-Take picture for AU back covers  Check:)

Books Read:  9
Print:  1
E-Book;  8
DNF:  1

Health/Weight Loss:  Unfortunately, I'm going the wrong direction.  Hope to change this, since warmer weather is moving in, AND the groundhog predicted an early spring:)

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List: 18
Thurs:  8
Sat: 10
Retry:  2, due to flubbed words or camera batteries dying.

March Reading Schedule:
Devon Drake-Jean Joachim  DRR!  LOVED this!!!
Sly Brodski-JJ  DRR!  OMG.....Loved, loved, LOVED this!!!
Al Mahoney-JJ  DRR!  Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this book:)
Puppy Love-Morgan Kay  Enjoyed this!

Karaoke Songs (Thurs):
You Got It-Roy Orbison  Bleh. Too low.
Chiquitita-ABBA Good! Slightly faster tempo, but still good.
You Got It All-Jets Nailed it:)
You Learn-Alanis Morrisette  Not bad...
Champagne Supernova-Oasis Ugh. Way too low, though B said I sang it better than another guy.

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