Friday, December 7, 2018

Flashback Friday: I'm A Teenager!

December 1978:
This month was very eventful.  I was allowed to get my first pair of high-heeled shoes ( blue pumps, with a strap and maybe a 1 1/2 heel?) for the choir concert.  Being on the top tier of the risers and walking in heels for the first time, while wearing a long dress, was a bit tricky, and I lived in fear of falling or tripping on my skirt!  Thankfully, neither happened.

For my 13th birthday, Mom invited member of her small group Bible study over, which included my 'secret' boyfriend, SH.  He'd made me a wooden car and a large spiral drawing that I dubbed The Black Hole, in keeping with my 'Space Age' theme on the wall above my bed, since it already boasted a picture of Shaun Cassidy in a silver jacket, and Han Solo and Chewie from Star Wars.  I would soon move Shaun to the other wall, with my other rock star posters.  I'd like to say S kissed me, but since there were a lot of people around, I don't think he did.  We DID manage to finally get our picture taken together! 

For Christmas, I received a red hooded robe, among other gifts.  Uncle Bill sent both of us beautiful dolls (mine was dressed in pink, and my sister's white).  Wendy also received a slime monster game AND red plaid, blow up furniture, that I think only lasted a day or two before collapsing.  There's a photo of us both sitting on each chair, and I'm holding a tiny 'pillow'.

When we went to Granny's, I'm wearing my Shaun Cassidy T-shirt and when I wasn't on the exercise bike, I was playing the organ.  There's also a picture of me with my cousin Lynn's son Jeremy, showing him how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Next Month:  Fall Out From Last Year's Blizzard

Present Day:
I'm going to be at the Open Gallery tonight, for the final 2018 First Friday Art Walk.  So far this year, I've sold 141 books, and am hoping to either reach 145 or even 150.  Tomorrow, we're off to Terre Haute to celebrate Kyle's 27th birthday at Outback, then I'm going home with Mom and Dad for a week, in order to help Mom out with her Christmas baking, decorating, and possibly gift-buying.

Our Early Christian Music ensamble sang at a Christmas Party at the Old National Bank, and we've already been 'booked' for an event in March!  More details later.

200 years ago, in 1818, Silent Night was 1st sung on Christmas Eve?  We're singing it this year, and announcing to the congregation about the history behind it.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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