Friday, May 17, 2019

Flashback Friday: Let The Games Begin!

May 1999:
I met with the Concession Manager and learned how to set up the stand before the games, plus was given a key.  Remembering how, from my waitressing days, and the fact the year before had irritated me, about the stand not being open until the game BEGAN, I started arriving an hour early, or at least when the kids had to be there, so I could get the coffee started and some of the snacks ready for 'breakfast'.  The parents on my team were most appreciative!

Our kids struggled through, and had fun, though I don't think they won any games in May.

End of 1st Grade!
K had a rough 2nd semester; his BFF's father shot his wife, and one of the hardest conversations I ever had with him was explaining why Brandon wouldn't be in school the rest of the year.  He and B had a friendly competition over who would finish their math papers first, and spending weekends at each other's houses.

S, on the other hand, enjoyed being back at Mother's Day Out, and was looking forward to her final year.

Next Month:  Miscommunication Between Concession Reps

Present Day:
Finally broke down and called the ortho doctor; my right foot has gotten progressively worse.  Hoping that maybe a shot of cortisone helps?  The compression socks have also helped, but now the pain is going up the calf and on the inside of the ankle.  Plus, it has throbbed the last two nights.  I'd forgotten to take my meds Wednesday, also.  OOPS!

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