Friday, May 10, 2019

Flashback Friday: May-mester!

May 1989
I moved into the dorm across the street from Lafollette (blanking on name!), with the Z-shaped rooms.  I was the first one to arrive and chose the bed by the window.  My new roomie was also from Lafayette, and we got along well.

My math class went well, until the 2nd day.  I had THE most BORING professor that ever lived, and since I'd just done the material anyway, I thought I could breeze right through it.  The geometry unit gave me fits, but still, I thought I'd done well.  The guy we couldn't decide if he was an ugly girl or a pretty boy turned out to be a guy named Roger, who was transitioning to a female, Rachel.  Sometimes s/he would wear girl clothing; other times neutral ones.  He turned out to be a fairly decent person; it was just strange to see a man in drag!

New Guy!
Met a guy at work, and ended up taking probably most of his paycheck in tips.  His friend was flirting with me, offering to take me to his yacht, and flying me down to the Bahamas.  He was fun to flirt with, and I didn't take it seriously.  Bill, the other guy, stuck around at the end of the night, and it turned out he was a friend of Jimmy, my boss.  Jim encouraged me to go out with him, saying Bill was loaded, and to 'use him'.  I said I wasn't that type, but when B offered to take me to dinner in Chesterton the following evening, I said sure.

Turned out the restaurant had good food, but the first thing that happened was I discovered a fly in my rum and coke.  Bartender gave us free drinks, and we enjoyed a delicious meal and talked.  Went out to a nightclub and danced and drank some more, before driving to his apartment.

B said to me, "We're adults; we can sleep in the same bed w/o anything happening if we don't want it."

I agreed, so I took off my jeans and got into bed.  Neither of us could sleep, though, so started fooling around.  In the middle of it, B suddenly exclaimed, "I love you!  Marry me?"  He shook his head.  "Wow....that's the first time I've ever asked a woman in this manner."

I kissed him.  "Let's get to know each other better, and you ask me again in a few months?"

He let me borrow his BMW to return to campus for a change of clothes, and I spent the next day with him.  We went out for a nice steak dinner with one of his friends, and the chef couldn't get my steak done enough, so we ended up with free desserts.  The third night, he picked me up after he finished working and cooked me dinner.  I returned to the dorm on the 4th night, to watch Roe vs Wade on TV, and DB called, wanting to know where I'd been.  I was honest, and though he whined, got angry, and even cried, I was trying to watch the show and got mad at him for not taking the hint back in February.  Then I was mad because he caused me to miss half the show!

Later that evening, my friend Tim H called, and asked if I'd be his date to his family reunion that Sat.  I said yes, then told him everything that had break up, the new guy, and my professor trying my patience.

Told B about the reunion, and reassured him we were only FRIENDS.  Had a good time at the reunion, and discovered I play darts better on an empty stomach, ha ha!

Toward the end of May, B wanted to set up a double-date for us and his friend Jay, so I invited a girl across the hall to join us.  We started out with drinks at Chi-Chi's; played Putt-Putt golf, in which I discovered B was NOT a golfer (I won the game, L came in 2nd, J 3rd, and B dead last); went out to eat, then to another bar, before going back to J's apartment to watch a movie.  B and I left soon afterward.  L told me the next day that while she enjoyed herself, they really didn't 'click'.

Race weekend, B packed what he could of my things in his BMW and drove me to Lafayette.  Neither one of my parents were home, so we simply unpacked the car and he left.  I had an enjoyable time at the Indy 500, then Dad drove me back to campus for my finals.  He returned a few days later, and I turned in my notice at work (more on my job later).  Dad and I stopped at the Engine Co 59 bar/restaurant in Frankfurt, and I asked if they were hiring.  The server told me I had to be 21 to work there, then looked shocked when I revealed I was 23!  I was wearing faded clam-diggers and a white ACC tennis T-shirt, and no makeup.  She got me the app, then told me to turn it into the bartender.  I did, and even the bartender thought I was only 18!  Dad got a kick out of the whole thing.

Any Other Anecdotes About King's Crossing?
-Turned out I had a knack for telling the DJ what song to play, so people would get up and dance;
-I went out with another server, on a semi-blind date, and ran into my old HS friend, Kelly!  The guy she was seeing was a roommate of the guy I'd been fixed up with, so that was the ONLY good thing about the evening.
-Doug, the DJ had a mild crush on me.  His final night, he hugged everyone....then dipped me and kissed me!
-E and I went to the mall with another friend, and ran into Jimmy, Doug, and Frank (another bartender), and E's eyes nearly bugged out of her head, saying, "You work with some CUTE guys!"

Next Month:  Search For Another Math Class

Present Day:
I have to work this weekend, so not really doing anything for Mother's Day.  I missed out on karaoke last week, due to the family going to see Avengers Endgame, so Alex and I snuggled, read 4 books, and watched The Incredibles.

Have a happy Mother's Day!!

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