Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back on Track:)

Word Count: 1525...for the entire week. I guess I've finally broken through the 'dry' part again and hopefully can make my goal next Friday. Will just have to stay on task and get it done...hopefully, I'll have a 'creative' week:) Just did the math...3000 words per day shouldn't be too hard, should it? I believe I did it back in week #1...

At least, I hope so.

I managed to write another 500 words and am at the 31.5 K mark..Wonderful. Did the math...if I write 2600 every day for the next week, I'll accomplish that goal! Will I do it? Stay tuned and check back Nov 30...

Finally consented to leave the house yesterday, and got a treat. My commision check was cashed with no problems, and the money went in my pocket to stay. Hubby noticed I was down (a show of tears when asked, "What's wrong?" was a good indicator!) and after we left the bank, he offered to take me to Denny's for a cup of hot chocolate. I asked, "Starbucks?" and he agreed. We drove to the other side of town and spent a wonderful half hour, sipping our lattes' and brainstorming about what to get the kids for Christmas. Then, since Starbucks is postitioned in an awkward spot for making left-hand turns, we turned right and I was surprised when he turned into Kohls. And was surprised once more when he merely circled the parking lot and began to leave. "Aren't we going in?" "If you want to, we can." And he re-entered the parking lot and dropped me off at the door. Bought 3 presents, checked out, and returned home. And I was in a better mood. Shopping therapy, I guess!

Anyway, I mobilized the crew to clear the corner where we put the tree, and I went downstairs to find it. I unearthed storage containers full of wrapping paper (at least 6 or 7!), boxes of red ribbons, tinsel, door hangers, and finally found the ornaments and the tree. I had already set out the stand to be cleaned of dust and cobwebs, and stacked the boxes I wanted beside the stairs. The kids carried them upstairs; hubby began fixing the broken leg of the tree base. Duct tape, a wooden ruler, and lots of praying and it held.

Until we started decorating it.

Imagine the horror on a thirteen-year-old's face who has tested the lights, strung them beautifully over the branches, and then who has painstakingly gone through grandma's antique ornaments to lovingly decorate the tree, only to have it tip over, sending the sound of breaking glass into the ears!

The 3-year-old instantly announced, "I didn't do it!"

Hubby and daughter rightened the tree; she went to the closet and retrieved a wire coat hanger and handed it to hubby, who wired the base to the stand. Fortunately, everyone had on shoes, and only two ornaments were broken. And not the ones with sentimental value! Oldest son was stringing the porch lights, and today we may even decorate the archway inside.

Our neighbor came over with the paper; oldest son's picture was inside! The editor had asked the question, "If you could be any cartoon character, who would it be and why?"

K answered, "Elmer Fudd, because I like him!"

Personally, I like the senior's answer: "Bullwinkle the Moose, because Rudolph is overrated!"

So hopefully, I've snapped out of whatever Scrooge-like attitude I've been harboring the past two days. PMS? Adrenaline withdrawl? Or just early Holiday Panic Attack?

Time for another cup of coffee and my Saturday 90210 reruns:) Today they are showing the episode where Brenda and Donna go to Paris; order something strange off the menu, and it turns out to be brains...only saw half of this episode when it originally aired!


Phoenix said...

Congrats! Now if I could get back on track with the same fire, all would be well.

Brynn Paulin said...

Sounds like a great day. It actually made me warm inside because I like those nice togetherness days. I laughed out loud at the little one. "I didn't do it!" :-)

Bronwyn Green said...

Loved the "I didn't do it!" Thanks for the smile, today - I really needed it.

Molly Daniels said...

You're welcome:) Shows my little one has knocked over a bit too much the past week, and wanted to let everyone know this one wasn't his fault!

Unknown said...

90210? Seriously?