Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Word count: 1624, and well into ch 3:)

Whoo hoo! As AJ says, Let the pidgeons loose! Why am I so happy? Go to and type in Molly Daniels in the 'search' area...I am LIVE!

Happy dance! Got an email yesterday, saying in 2 WEEKS, my book Love Finds A Way will be going LIVE, meaning it will be on the web and people can actually order it...I've already heard from 2 people who can't make it to the signing, saying they plan to order it:) Great! It's not out yet, and already I've made two 'sales'!!

And Anthony, my author rep, is working frantically to put a rush order so I'll have a few copies on the 17th...Keep praying he's able to work his magic!

What happened to it?

What ever happened to those refill containers of laundry detergent, fabric softner, and other items? They supposedly cut down on the amount of trash we throw away.

I can't even find the generic Tide I used to use...and maybe this is just me complaining about inflation, but I refuse to pay $7 for what I used to pay $4 for. So I've switched detergents, and I buy the large size so I can refill my smaller bottle. I typically buy laundry detergent about every 2 weeks or so.

Fabric softner, I can still find in the cardboard containers. But the numbers are dwindling. I wouldn't even use it, except hubby swears by it, and claims he can tell when I don't use it. And since the 'invention' of the Downey ball I've had for 10 years, I don't mind using it now (I used quotes because he remembers something like it growing up. Maybe it had already been invented long before 1996...don't know!).

Saw the dryer balls at Walmart several months before, and in an impulsive moment, since we'd already blown the budget by letting the kids get a new DVD, I decided I wanted to try them and put them in the cart. And I like them! Sure, sometimes they get tangled up in pant legs, shirt arms, or even pockets, and been known to go bouncing across the basement floor (W loves this when it happens!). But if you'll recall what happened in August, when a stray Snuggle dryer sheet caused me to go sliding unceremoniously down the back steps, I don't have to worry about hubby finding the sheets inside his clothes anymore, or any more early morning antics in front of the dog! And that's one more expense saved...

I really miss my SA8 detergent from Amway/Quixtar. I could make a $13 box last six months! While hubby was half-heartedly working the business, I was enjoying my monthly deliveries. I literally did not have to go to Walmart anymore, unless it was for toys, DVDs, CDs, etc. But we got out of it due to his heart problems. That and the fact I talked about the products to everyone I met, and signed up more people than he did...that man really can't stand to be one-upped, and I wasn't even trying! But I've bitched about his attitude before.

Anyway, have you read the latest installment of the blog saga? Kelly had Emmeline time-travel; now Anny's brought back Zoltan! Can't wait to see what AJ has up her sleeve tomorrow...check out today's on and then pop over to AJ's on to read her interview with Brynn Paulin, concerning the release of her new book today. Don't know what Kelly has this morning; AJ says it has something to do with knitting and for a really sweet, tantalizing sex scent, check out what Dakota wrote yesterday Whew! Thank god I can keep these web addy's in my there a way to drop and drag the addys after posting the teaser, ha ha?? I'm trying to do better about 'flogging the blogs'...


Bronwyn Green said...

Missed the dryer sheet incident, but it sounds exactly like something that would happen to me. yeowch!

Molly Daniels said...

The only good things that came of it was 1) I got to skip camping out and sleep at a friend's house instead; and 2) Since I was in pain all day the next day, I passed the time at the campsite writing in longhand what later became "Wild at Heart":)

Phoenix said...

Knitting. Puhleeeese. Me?

Congrats on the news Molly girl! I'd let loose pigeons, but sexually promiscuous birds are dangerous and that's just nasty.

Molly Daniels said...

Sorry Kell...blame AJ for the false info:)

Unknown said...

my plan worked