Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Routine...

Currently Reading: The Gabriel Hounds, by Mary Stewart. I think I've got the mystery figured out, but I'm not sure.

E-book: Finished Deal of a Lifetime, by Barbara Huffert. Excellent! I wanted to throttle the hero starting in about chapter 3, but he redeemed himself in the end...Will definitely be one that I will reread again!

I've moved my hubby back into the house:)

This statement may sound weird, since you all know I'm married, but since March he's been working up north and living in a motel during the week. I've joked with him about his four extra wives...the one who makes sure he gets the room with the fantastic water pressure and supplies him with tissues and toilet paper; the woman at the truck stop who feeds him breakfast and sometimes dinner; the other two servers at two other of his favorite restaurants.

But now he's home for the winter and we have to get used to living together again! And this means limited amounts of computer usage for me. He doesn't object when I get on and check the bank account, or read the blogs, but I'd better be prepared to get offline at the drop of a hat. And that means no typing until later. And since I got up with only a half hour to spare before my weekly 90210 show, I decided to wait to post.

Big mistake.

We had postponed Operation Clean-Up because he and the kids were tired yesterday. So while I was downstairs, immersed in the only TV show I seem to watch anymore, he and the kids were upstairs cleaning. And at noon, after I'd showered, I stripped the bedding and did laundry, and instead of packing his clothes back into his duffel, I had to find space in drawers, closets, and any place we could stuff, hang, or store until next March.

And he's not objecting to me sitting down now, because all the chores are finished and we're eating ice cream. Almost time for the toddler to go to bed, and I'll read to him before we snuggle down.

I'm also back from a 2 1/2 hour shopping spree. I returned the coat my mother had gotten me and bought 5 new sweaters, a turtleneck, 2 picture frames, a pair of earrings, a snowflake pin, and a new bra. All on SALE! And still had $$ left over:) Not a bad spree!

And then went to the grocery and spent the same amount of money on restocking my depleted refrigerator and pantry. The kids are thrilled there is something other than leftovers to eat!

So for at least the next few months, I'll be posting at night, instead of first thing in the morning. Hubby was a bit put out when I poured myself a cup of coffee and went to the computer instead of joining him in the living room.

He'll get over it; I just need to humor him for a week or two, to 'retrain' him, ha ha!

If you want to be as stunned as I was, by a critique of romance novels and the authors who write them, go to and click on the link Kelly provided. This other woman needs to do her research a bit more thoroughly before lumping all romance books into the same category! And then swing by and see if she's recovered from her insect bite. And don't forget to congratulate Anny on her 'Best Author' nomination at LRC! Leave her a congrats at and find out when and where to vote for her!


Anny Cook said...

Loved the Gabriel Hounds... actually loved everything she wrote. Know all about fitting the house hunk back into the routine. Been there... done that repeatedly. So glad to be home. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

barbara huffert said...

You can retrain him in two weeks? Wow! I'm impressed.

Molly Daniels said...

Okay, maybe not two weeks. But I can hope!