Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some Assembly Required...

Currently Reading: Finished The Gabriel Hounds...had part of it right! Started on Theodore H. White's The View from the Fortieth Floor. Am on page 16, and so far it's holding my interest:) Also, this completes another box of books in the basement. Have no idea what the next box will hold!

E-book: Will be purchasing one of Brynn's on payday, whether it comes this week or looking forward to it!

Father Dave got me again.

He quietly reminded us that relationships require work in order to maintain balance and maturity. How did this little statement 'zing' me? It reminded me of how I've been feeling this month.

I'll admit; I got careless and a little over-confident. Blame the praise I was receiving with the release of LFAW. Blame the sales. Blame my steadily inflating ego. Blame the exhaustion of my creative juices from NaNo. Going into week #3 of my favorite season, I was suddenly dealing with shock, the sting of resentment, hurt, anger, depression, and I was afraid to open my mouth or even sit down at the computer. Every word I did manage to write had to be severely edited, as my resentment decided to manifest itself in a form of sarcasm I wasn't proud of and certainly did not want it made known. I literally forced myself to be calm, neutral, and unoffensive. I prayed about it constantly.

About 4 days into this pity party, I recieved word that another friend of mine was also in pain, and since I was tired of the 'poor me' attitude, I decided to quit focussing on myself and concentrate on her, my ailing MIL, and my aunt. And changing my selfish heart into a serving one, I discovered my resentment fading.

Some assembly required...

Yes, relationships take time to build. And unfortunately, one stupid or careless word, act, or even thought can destroy months of work. It's not just the relationships we build with our families or loved ones; we build relationships with our readers, our characters, and friends in cyberspace. Some are professional; others are more informal. And it is not all "What can you do for me" but "What can I do for you" that helps us maintain our good relationships.

And two words to help rebuild?

"Forgive me."

Some assembly required...

I propose for the coming New Year, let us also remember to say these words:

"I'm sorry."

"I love you."

"I forgive you."

"Thank you."

Pick up the pieces of friendship and remember...

"Some assembly required."


Unknown said...

You're okay assembly required. Have a happy 2008

barbara huffert said...

How thought-provoking and insightful! Thank you, my friend. All my best to you for the upcoming year.

JacquƩline Roth said...

Beautiful sentiments we could all benefit from remembering. A friend recently muttered something at me that was only half what he actually thought he said outloud and I found myself deeply hurt. Unraveling that misunderstanding was hard, but worth it.

Anny Cook said...

Happy New Year. Blessings on your day.

Sandra Cox said...

I love the 'some assembly required'.
Wasn't Gabriel Hounds a Mary Stewart novel?
The best in 2008.

Molly Daniels said...

Sandra: Yes, it is and was a page-turner!

'Some Assembly Required' came about as what is written on packages either Christmas Eve or Day? And how can we relate this concept to families? Trust my priest to put a new spin on of the reasons I like him so much!

Happy New Year everyone:)