Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Flashback

December 1971:
I need to back up a moment; I forgot about school picture time.  Earlier, my two best friends and I had been playing, and my mom took our pictures.  For whatever reason, T curled his top lip over his teeth and when I saw it, I decided to try to copy his expression....the day school pictures were taken.  My first ever school picture shows me looking like the Grinch...I'd even worn a green dress to school that day.  I remember the photographer trying to get me to smile, but I was certain I had the same cute expression as T had in my mom's picture.  And of course, I was 'horrified' to see the end result!  I think this was before retakes; or maybe my mom didn't insist on one.  Who knows?

Back to December:  For my 6th birthday, I had a party and I think the entire neighborhood kids showed up, plus one set of grandparents.  We are all posing in front of the cake, and some kids are even blowing party horns.  A week later for Christmas, I had another party with my other set of grandparents, as well as opening up gifts.  Christmas Day, we opened our gifts, then crowded into the car and went to my maternal grandmother's house and opened more presents and ate Christmas dinner.

I don't remember any specific presents; there are no photos of me with any 'special' items.

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