Thursday, February 28, 2013

End Of The Month Recap

For a complete list of books I listed at the beginning of the month, go here.

Currently Reading:  Am about halfway through The Prize by Julie Garwood.  Also am up to Ch 6 in Christmas Babies by Mona Risk:)  And bought six more paperbacks yesterday, so come back tomorrow for another list:)

Books Read:  Paperback:  3, and am halfway through a 4th.
                      HB:  3.
                      E-Book:  5, and am on a 6th.
                      Total:  11, with two more began.

Days Spent Editing:  4 or 5.  Yeah, had my mind on other things this month.

Karaoke:  Went twice.  Once out of town with friend B, and the other with friend M.  Did not add any new songs to my repertoire.

Days Spent Back On Predisone:  10.

Days Spent With Right Ear 'Clogged':  Welcome to day #52:)  Though thanks to my doctor's appointment last week, I have an over abundance of ear wax in that ear.  Yay me.  So bought an ear wax removal kit and have walked around with cotton balls in my ear for the past three days.

Days (Nights) Spent Thinking I'm About To Drown In My Own Phlegm:  20.  I noticed last week my coughing was down, and no longer needed the Mucinex DM, the Vicks Vapo-Rub, or the extra pillow at night:)

Yes, I think I'm gonna live!!

And the doctor put me on Nasonex, and I'm to go back in a month.  I think I'm allergic to my house.  Aren't you glad you tuned in for this?  LOL:)

Looking Ahead To March:
Youngling's 9th birthday is tomorrow.  His class is going to go see the HS production of 'Little Mermaid' in the morning, then I'll drop off cupcakes in the afternoon.  He wants to go to Chuck E Cheese, but I'm not taking him on a Friday night.  We'll do ice cream and cake after dinner, then take him and a friend on Saturday for lunch, after baseball sign ups.

I'm also ten pages from finishing the self-edits on Love Weighs In, so hope to get it submitted soon.  Yes, I know my 'deadline' was Feb 14th.  I've been sick.  Did you not notice I only blogged eleven times the entire month of February?

Endless Love releases March 5th, and I'm hoping I'll receive cover art and edits for Stephanie's story soon.  Not sure what we're doing for Spring Break; Maybe going back to the Buccaneer Bay indoor water park in Lafayette and spending time with my parents again.

I'm also involved in an Author's Fair on March 15th and 16th in Madison, IN, so watch for more details as this date gets closer.  And B's schedule will allow her to 'roke again on Thursdays, so come back on Fridays not only for the Flashbacks, but for the report of what songs I sang and how well I (think I) performed.

Have a great day!

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Geez, hope you feel better.