Friday, February 15, 2013

Flashback Friday

Did you catch me on Blog Talk Radio last night?  You can catch the podcast here:)

Feb 1993:
My husband surprised me by bringing me daisies for Valentine's Day!  He also provided the requisite chocolate, and I cooked him a good meal and provided a cake.

I also discovered something when I had the mother of the five-year-old babysit while I went to the dentist.  I explained to his mom the afternoon routine, so I was pretty confident she would have an easy afternoon.  But when I arrived home, I found the babies sound asleep and B bouncing around on the couch.  He looked up and saw me and froze.

"B, are you supposed to be napping?"

He smiled, then dropped onto the couch and didn't move for several minutes, until I heard his familiar 'snoring'.

L, his mother, was at the table doing paperwork.  "How did you do that?  I've been trying to get him to settle down for an hour!"

That was when it hit me; B listened to me, rather than his own mother!  Probably because I spent more time with him.

I discussed with L the fact I would be going out of town the last week in March, and she said she'd make arrangements for B's care.  The babies hadn't given her any grief, lol!

Present Day:
Kenzie is participating in the Swept Away Blog Hop.  So go check out her blog for more details:)

Update From Karaoke Sunday:  Was able to sing four songs:
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (duet with 'Dad', Terry)
Just Breathe (messed up the bridge; it had been so long since I'd heard it, lol!)
I Remember You (did NOT clear the bar this time!)

And was told by many SOBER strangers that I had a good voice:)

Currently Reading:  Finished Blind Sight, but wondered aren't ME's bound to confidentiality?  If you're up for a Laurie Montgomery story by Robin Cook, pick this up.  Now I'm on Streisand, a biography of Barbra Streisand.  I'm loving this:)

E-book:  Finished TV Bride and LOVED it!  Now I want to read more by Meg Bellamy.  Definite Recommended Read!!!  Esp if you're a fan of reality TV, lol:)  Began reading Kathleen Ball's Ryelee's Cowboy.

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