Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: Chicken Pox!

Feb 1973:
The chicken pox went through our neighborhood.  T, my next-door neighbor, had a bad case of it.  I remember my mother going over to give advice, and my friends and I both giggled at his plight and hoped we wouldn't get it THAT bad.  He even had the dots on his eyelids, and all over his body.

Then I caught it.  And since my mother worked, and my sister went to nursery school, I was allowed to stay home by myself.  I didn't have as bad of a case as T, and took Allerest (I think today's Benadryl equivelent) and had a TV tray in my room with a clock, my medicine, and of course, plenty of reading material.  I just remember sleeping a lot also.

And in the evenings, my three-year-old sister refused to stay out of my room.  So it's no wonder she was the next victim.  Mom pulled the record player into the hallway and kept us amused with a stack of records, since W obviously wasn't old enough to read, and keeping her in bed was tough.  And after it was over, Mom allowed me to keep the record player in my room.

The girl down the street was the next victim....and my friend L, who lived at the opposite end..  And several in my 1st grade class were absent over the course of this month.

I think this all occurred after Valentine's Day, because I enjoyed collecting my bag of cartoon character valentine's and enjoying the ones with the suckers.

Present Day:
Kenzie's going to throw a party next week!  For preliminary details, visit her blog for the 'staging instructions'.

I'll post my February Reading schedule on Monday.  Have a good weekend!


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

I don't remember much about having them. We had all the childhood ones then. My youngest was seven months and they covered his head! I could hardly stand to touch him. lol. And the kids down the street--in their ears and eyes. Yuck.

Fun to look back.

Kenzie Michaels said...

The chicken pox vaccine was optional when my older two were little; I was beginning to think I needed to give it to my oldest when he didn't catch it when it went through his preschool class, or K-2nd grade class. He finally caught it midway through 2nd grade, and then of course passed it to his sister. But my youngest arrived when it was a mandatory vaccine. He's the only one who will never catch it.