Monday, February 4, 2013

February's Reading Schedule

Last Chance Saloon-Marian Keyes  Finished this last night.  LOVED IT!  
Broken Rules-Fran Lee  1st story, fast-paced and good description!   Her Own Rules, read this two years ago and enjoyed it:)

Blindsight-Robin Cook  Enjoyed it, but aren't ME's subjected to confidentiality clauses?
Lovers-Judith Krantz  Good, but now I know where I got my 'talk about what happened', rather than 'show the action' tendencies came from....was irritated by certain scenes.
Streisand-Barbra  Enjoyed this, but was disappointed her relationship with Barry Gibb was left out.  And did NOT know she'd been involved with Don Johnson!

TV Bride-Meg Bellamy  Loved, loved, LOVED this book!  Must. Read. More!!!
Rylee’s Cowboy-Kathleen Ball Excellent!
Dark Desire-Desiree Holt  HAWT!
Blind Ecstasy-DH  Loved this!
Rules of the Game-Heather Peters  Loved both stories!!
Christmas Babies-Mona Risk  Loved this!
The Teacher’s Billionaire-Christina Tetreault
Hearts in Darkness-Laura Kaye

Lush Velvet Nights-Tina Donahue
Assassin's Kiss-Paris Brandon
Forbidden Love-(??)
Shut Up and Kiss Me-(??)
Sweat Equity-Liz Crowe
Closing Costs-L.C.
Star Crash-(??)

As you can see, I love Marian Keyes' stories!  This one is another Recommended Read:)  Still reading TV Bride and can hardly wait to return to it:)

This week, Kenzie Michaels is having a week-long Reunion Contest, due to her new book arriving on virtual shelves Wed Feb 6th.  You're all invited to visit HER BLOG for a week of memories, excerpts, and daily winners.  And at the end of the week, she's giving away a Grand Prize:)  So what are you waiting for?  Get over there now!

She's also guest blogging on Carol's Blog today....and tomorrow, she'll be here.  So enjoy this week with her, please?  This book was definitely a labor of love.

So How's The Health?
Still fighting bronchial crap.  Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but when we took the youngling to the ER a week ago, we came home with a nebulizer.  So we're all taking daily breathing treatments.  And College Kid tested positive for the flu.  I really don't care to be swabbed for the flu virus/bacteria, so think I'll hold out til my appointment on the 22nd.  I know; I'm a coward.....Doing lots of hand washing, and everyone has their own designated Kleenex box.

See you back here tomorrow! 

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