Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's Tuesday??

Currently Reading:  Finished Big Girl (DS) and Love Slave for Two:  Family Matters (TD).  I was most disappointed in BG, since I love Steele's books, but this was so full of the same phrases over and over, I wondered if a) she actually wrote it or b) did her editor drop the ball?  I probably will NOT reread this.  And I blame my 3-star rating of LSFT on the fact I'm fighting for time with my Kindle, plus in the middle of NaNo and a long book was tiresome, especially in the 1st or 2nd chapter when I wanted to slap Nevvie silly for her temper tantrum over legalities.  If you're going to live in an unconditional marital arrangement, don't expect the state to readily jump in and change laws or give you preferential treatment.  I did, however, LOVE the hospital scenes.  Since I know it's possible to love more than one person unconditionally, those scenes were proof of one woman's devotion to her men.

Now I'm on Rick Kelsheimer's The Hanging of Betsey Reed and Mahalia Levey's Soulbound.

Where did Monday go?  And, for that matter, I keep thinking today's Wednesday.  Can't blame this on sleep deprivation, so just wondering what's up with my memory/concept of time.

I updated Google Chrome last week and it's giving me fits.  Sometimes I can access AOL and Blogger; other times I have to switch to Firefox.  And FF likes to crash w/o warning.  I couldn't do anything on FF yesterday, and it took me several tries to fix my post over on RB4U.  Yes, I'm over there today; drop by and say hi.  

Amazing Race:  
Why the hell did Team ER Docs use their Express Pass?  I saw the previews; I think they'll regret it.  Yes, it got them into 1st place, and they won new cars.  But the tasks were relatively easy, and they had a huge lead on the others.  Makes no sense.

And why did Team Pinky and the Brain U-turn Team Baseball  Moms?  Geez, can Pinky hold a grudge.  I really hope it comes back to bite her in the ass.

Karaoke Update:
Evergreen:  Nailed it, and crossed it off my list:)
Every Time You Go Away:  Ugh.  Too low.
ET: Nailed it and received applause!
Just Like Jesse James:  A bit scratchy, but one of my faves:)
What's Up:  Mark picked this out for me, since he didn't see Eye Of The Tiger on my sheet:)  I made it through, though also scratchy, and received applause.


Carol Preflatish said...

Who got voted off? I was busy writing.

Molly Daniels said...

The baseball moms. That speed bump AND the U turn really hurt them.