Monday, March 13, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W3

 Day 12:  $12,147

Arrived at 3 and did my AP4Me before clocking in, then was up front for 2 hours, both in Self Checkout and on #10, then at 4:45, took my 15 min break before heading down to Lumber. Took over for B, and barely got the prelim duties done before the customers kept coming. Jaylee showed up at 7:30 for my lunch, and since I knew I had a lot to do, only took 30 mins. When I returned, I returned items to Electrical, Plumbing, Paint, Tools, and Hardware; pulled trash, swept the entire area (spot-swept in places; I HATE my new dust mop!), and filled out the soda count sheet. Final customer left at 9:15, then I sanitized the registers and counter, mucked the mats, and made sure everything looked good for Corporate's visit in the morning. I even brought in all 3 cull carts, and had Loader E2 take the trash to the hopper. After ASM S cleaned me out, I walked him up front and collected the soda I needed, then Mack and I went back and filled the coolers.  Clocked out at 10:50.

Outfit: Dark Gray IN sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, small gold hoops

Day 13:  $8759

Arrived early and ran off copies of the 'new and improved' Coke count sheets, then discovered we:

-Got the highest score in 2 years (87%)

-Our TV is gone

-Our water cooler is gone (never did find out why!)

-Mitch is making Pro get rid of the closet

-Mitch wants us to move our counter back 3 feet, and put in a coffee bar at the far end. (eye roll)

Otherwise, it was a nice, steady shift. I took half the soda count sheets down to CS, then took over for B. Did the prelim duties, opened the drawer where half a roll of trash bags were last night, and they were all gone!  HC K forgot to bring me some, so I made a mental note to get some at break. Was steady until 8, then Marilyn came down to relieve me.  First I went to Receiving for the bags, then took my break. When I returned, I swept the area; mucked out the mats, and sanitized the registers and counters.  Even cleaned off the top of the ice machine (what I could reach, anyway!) 

Thoroughly swept the horseshoe, the OSB, and the hardi board area, and checked out the final customers at 9:55. Locked the doors, then helped Loader Tim bring in the cull carts, then waited for him to bring the hopper around to toss in the trash.  HC K cleaned me out; I waited for T to return, then closed the large door and returned items to 21, Building Materials, and Hardware. Clocked out at 10:40.

Outfit:  White tunic, b/w sweater poncho, new dark jeggings, small gold textured hoops

Off to the GSH Vendor Fair Wed and Thurs!

Day 14:  St. Patrick's Day!  $9697  

Did well at the Vendor Fair; sold 12 total!

Arrived and took over for B.  Discovered there were no $10s and only two $5s, so alerted ASM SM, and hopped over to #2.  He brought down the bills, so hopped back.  My 2nd customer greeted me with, "Oh good....someone who knows what's going on!" and made a payment on his LAR. I also discovered the entire Pro section had been shoved back 3 feet, and new shelves lined the front. I swept up the 'construction area' and did the other prelim duties.  At 8:30, I called S to ask when my break was, for I was about to float.  He said to give him a few mins....but at 8:55, I couldn't wait any longer and asked Loader E1 to watch the register!  I never did get my official break, but Brenda never showed, so we were short-staffed.  ASM K only came down twice, but left me alone. Pulled the trash and found out whomever closed last night had used the wrong trash bags for my 2nd largest can.  Got it straightened out, then mucked out the mats, sanitized the registers, and brought in the cull carts, with LG Dalton's help.  E1 brought the hopper around  and tossed my trash in it while I was ringing LG Dalton and Blake up. Locked the doors, closed the large door, and walked ASM SM up to the front before taking items back to Plumbing and Hardware.  Clocked out at 10:30, then picked up the hubby and went to BW3 for wings and a Guinnes, and to watch the IU game...or at least half of it.

Outfit:  Black/Green Pug Crawlin' tee, black LJ shirt, new dark jeggings, LJs, green top hat earrings.

Day 15: Rare Sat $7627

Arrived and took over for Marilyn, and discussed ASM K with Pro Se, who is getting VERY discouraged with the lack of support. Did the prelim duties, and was busy until 7, when I needed a pit stop, so called HC J and requested someone cover me.  Jax arrived, so did a quick one, then he returned to the front, and I was slammed until 9.  HC J came down to clean out #2 and 3, and I asked about my 15. She let Mack stay while I took my break, and when I returned, did the closing duties and swept, mucked the mats, and sanitized the registers and counters.  Final customer left at 9:45.  Locked the doors at 10 and brought in the two cull carts.  When HC J cleaned me out, I took the trash to the hopper, then walked her up front.  ASM K let us out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Lt gray IN sweatshirt (it was only 30 degrees and snowing!), new dark jeggings, LJs, small diamond studs

Day 16: Rare Sunday $10,451

Worked with Jaylee for 30 mins, then she left.  Did some of the prelim duties....consolidated the trash, gathered the paperwork, and fronted the soda. Got busy around 5 and things slowed a little around 7. Woman said she had about 7 carts; Lex came down to send me to my break, so when she hopped on 2, I rang up two of the carts and saved it under my phone #, but when I recalled it to add in the 8 foam board, we noticed it was 'tax exempt', and couldn't get that off of there.  So L got on the next register while I read off all item numbers and quantities....THEN I took my break, just as the couple arrived with the last of it. They had just finished loading everything when I returned at 6:30.

I then did the closing duties, and pulled the outside trash. Swept entire area, mucked the mats, sanitized the registers and counters, and re-fronted the soda, and brought in the cull carts. HC J cleaned me out; I left her with Mack and took back items to the Back Wall (clearance) and Hardware.  Put up my vest and clocked out at 8:40.

ASM K left me alone; the only thing she asked me was, "Are your doors locked?"

Outfit:  Brown striped turtleneck, new dark jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves (it was COLD outside!), small diamond studs

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