Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Currently Reading: Finished No Holds Barred and today I should be diving into Ashley Ladd's Heart and Soul:)

Received a compliment last night! A new member joined our writer's group two weeks ago and wanted to read my work. So I handed over my copy of Love Finds A Way, the one W 'autographed' that I carry nearly everywhere.

Last night, he handed it back and said my dialogue was very natural-sounding; he was also reading a book by Jimmy Carter, and said the former president's dialogue sounded stiff in comparison.

"You've captured a natural flow of several people who don't always answer questions directly..."

Hahahaha...and I can cite a perfect example from Wild at Heart:
Scene set-up: Brad asked Emma to accompany him back to Denver in order to check out of his hotel and return to her uncle's cabin in Estes Park, Colorado. She never does answer him directly!

“So…you never answered my question earlier. Are you working today, or are you driving to Denver with us?”
“I should stop in at the store and see if Ethan’s there,” Emma replied. “I’m not worried about the ranch. Cody and Bob can handle everything at the stables. It’s not our busy time yet, and besides, if people really want a ride, they’ll come back. We don’t get many one-day tourists here.”
“Most come out and stay a week,” he nodded. “I can see why. I certainly could stay another week,” he sighed wistfully, reaching out to hold her hand and looking at her in such a way Gavin doubted the park was the cause.
“So Em,” Gavin cleared his throat. “Are you going with us or not?” He drained his coffee cup and set it in the dishwasher.
“Can you wait for me?” she requested. “I’ll have to grab a change of clothes and let Nora know I’ll be gone.”
Gavin looked at the clock. “We’re leaving at noon,” he stated. “Meet us back here by eleven-thirty.” He took the newspaper and sat down in his easy chair in the living room.

Instead of, “So…you never answered my question earlier. Are you working today, or are you driving to Denver with us?”

"Sure, I'd love to go with you." and eliminating several paragraphs. When was the last time YOU answered a question directly, instead of voicing the objections? I suppose I could have made it an internal dialogue, but I actually like the exchange. We'll see what an editor says if this ever makes it to the acceptance stage.

Switching Gears
Had to take K to the ER last night. He's been complaining off and on about muscle pain in his back, but a heat/ice combination plus Advil was helping it. But yesterday, during a tackling drill, his opponant landed on him and when K went to bed, he couldn't stand to lie down due to pain. So at 11:30 he finally woke me up; he'd taken four Advil an hour earlier and was still in pain. Fortunately, the ER was quiet, and we were in and out by midnight. He's got a strained muscle under his left shoulderblade, and now has a prescription painkiller, plus instructions for an ice massage and to follow up with his trainer. As I told him, 'At least if you get benched for medical reasons this week, it's the weekend I won't be here:)' And to show how incompetant the medical profession is down here, the pharmasist pointed out the fact the name on the 'script wasn't even K's! If he hadn't asked, 'Is G allergic to any medications...', I wouldn't have caught it. He called the hospital, who revealed yes, it was the right prescription, just the wrong name. And even on the discharge papers it says 'G.K'.

And S woke up yesterday with a pounding sinus headache and green stuff oozing from her nasal passages. Our doctor couldn't get her in, nor would he call in a prescription for her unseen. I called our family doctor up north, who realizes that yes, I'm capable of diagnosing a sinus infection, and 'just this once' called in the antibiotics. I love you Dr. S!!

God keep us safe until we can leave this town and get back to modern medicine...or at least top-notch doctors!

RIP Ted Kennedy.


Unknown said...

Congrats on the compliment! Hope the kids feel better soon.

Regina Carlysle said...

Such sad sad news about Senator Kennedy. RIP.

Sandra Cox said...

"You've captured a natural flow..."
Way to go, Molly:)