Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One More Day...

...Till the kids go back to school! Woo hoo!

On the To-Do List Today:
-MIL's medicare redetermination interview, which means I get to dig through her tax return and find out the info. Fun, fun.
-Do a quick clean up of the house...I was gone four hours last night, and with K still under the weather and S at the movies, W managed to make the front room like it's been through a war zone.
-Figure out what I'm fixing for dinner and separate the 15-lb pork loin still in my fridge! (Loin is for Sunday dinner; I break it down into 3-lb roasts).
-Make sure the kids (make that S!) go to bed EARLY tonight! Tomorrow, I can take everyone to school, since W doesn't have to be there until 8:30, but on Friday, the teens catch the bus at 6:50am! And S had trouble getting up at 7:30 last year?? I may need to invest in an airhorn...

Switching Gears:
Did anyone else see this? I'm 50% 'text literate', according to the tiny quiz on the news. Anyone else know what these mean? (Answers at the bottom)

Big Brother 'Terrorist'?
I've got mixed emotions when it comes to Russell right now. His razzing of Ronnie was slightly amusing, and his blow ups at both Michele and Chima are getting irritating. Of course if Chima would just SHUT UP and refuse to participate...but noooo...she's in his face and giving it back to him.

I seriously hope his plea to Jesse was a lie; on Sunday, I thought it would be cool for Jeff to take down both Lydia and Russell, and put up Jesse and Natalie; now I'm not sure what I want to see happen. I'm also irritated at Kevin for not using the POV on Lydia!

Blog Changes:
If you'll glance to the right, you'll notice I've made a few changes to my Favorite Links. I've added Amber Skyze and Mia Watts to the lineup. I've 'met' them via other blog links, and on the chat loops, so check these ladies out!

I've also added a friend's blog, Rita Wells. She is spending the next year traveling with her truck driver husband, and is chronicling their travels/truck life. Right now they're in Texas, and hopefully she'll keep the pictures coming!

Laugh Out Loud (duh!)
I Love You (who knew?)
Talk To You Later (knew this one!)
Be Seein' You (head slap...should have figured that one out!)
Keeping Parents Clueless (whaaaat???)
Rolling On the Floor Laughing (another duh!)

Okay; I'm off to read the blogs, drink another cup of coffee, and get my day started. I should have pictures up tomorrow! If you want to read something more interesting, check out Kenzie's Place.


Anny Cook said...

Nope, I didn't know what those meant, either.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the props, Molly! Hope you have a stress free morning getting the kids ready for school. Oh I dread that in a few weeks.

Sandra Cox said...

Okay, I knew half. Didn't know the love you, or keep parents clueless.