Monday, August 17, 2009

Pinky/Mikey/Oreo Comedy Hour Lives On!

K let the rats run around the front porch last night as he was cleaning their cage. Oreo came around, wanting food, and soon Pinky and Mikey decided they would 'help' him eat it! Above, Mikey kept getting close to the cat, but due to my failing batteries, this is one of the closer shots. Oreo is eating and Mikey had stuck his nose in beside him.

Here, Pinky takes a turn. Before I had the camera ready, picture the above shot, with Pinky in the water bowl area, eating alongside the cat. It was this point I yelled for someone to bring me the camera! But Pinky refused to do it again.

Mikey: "I know I can drive this thing; now if could just figure out how to get inside..."

Eating over, it's time for play! Again, due to batteries getting low, Mikey was nose to nose with Oreo.

Pinky: "Come on cat...are you scared of me? Huh? Huh? I'm not scared of you!"
Oreo: "Will someone get this RAT out of my face? Everytime I swat at him, you protect HIM!"

"Let me whisper in your ear..."
"Mom, put the camera away; I can only stand so much humiliation!"
BB Shakeup
I'm not sure what happened on Big Brother last night. My DVR doesn't account for sports events going over their allotted time schedules, and as a result, the last fifteen minutes are missing. My body was fighting a flu bug or something (all of a sudden, about 5:30 I was freezing cold and couldn't seem to get warm...finally around 9:30, I put on my pj's and slid under the covers, plus added a thick comfortor and turned off the bedroom fan. A few minutes later, I was blissfully warm again!) and I'd slept for a few hours. I got up at midnight and D and I watched it. When we discovered the 'oops', we switched over to After Dark and soon realized Chima was not being shown. The teaser across the bottom said 'Find out which player left the game...' and today on the Early Show, Julie said Chima had literally self-destructed and had to be 'expelled' from the game. I'm glad she's gone; she was irritating. And the big eye-roll of the episode? Chima, Natalie, and Lydia crying their eyes out over Jesse's departure!
Monday Mania
Actually, the morning went smoothly. Teens were on time for the bus; W happily ran up the sidewalk when I let him out in front of the school. Realized I'd forgotten his lunch money, but I'll take it to him later. Spouse is trying to sleep; I'm going downstairs to finish his laundry. Since I was sick yesterday, he and the kids went to the store for some school supplies and W's nighttime diapers. So now I have to reorganize my menu plans for the week and go shopping. And hopefully get back to writing? I've had an idea swirling around on one of the abandonded WIPS, and I'd like to see if it will work. More on this later!
Today's To-Do List:
-Two loads of laundry (or maybe even three)
-Clean up kitchen (daughter was gone and with Mom down yesterday, no one did the dishes)
-Grocery shopping
-Fried Chicken for dinner??
-Reading more of Mona's Babies in the Bargain (if I write at least a couple pages!)
Need Input! Do you like the Currently Reading section at the top or bottom? Or does it even matter?
Have a good day!


barbara huffert said...

Poor Oreo. Send him here. I'll protect him from those silly rats.

Feel better!

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Barb; already feel 100% better! That was just weird; I'll take hot flashes over being freezing cold!

Molly Daniels said...

That next to last photo should have Pinky saying 'C'mon..give me a kiss?'

We looked at it full screen last night, and it DOES look as if P is 'kissing' Oreo!