Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday and March Madness

I can trace my love of March Madness back to when I was allowed to accompany my mother to our HS sectional and regional games.  She ran the First Aid station, and though I admit at first I'd help sell tickets, run errands, and pass out programs (and after learning Algebra, make up long, complex problems taking up both classroom blackboards, lol!), I did watch several games during the final quarter.

March 1982:
Our basketball team won both sectional and regional, and we were on to Semi-State, which took place at Mackey Arena on the Purdue campus.  Unfortunately, we lost to Lebanon HS, whom we'd beaten in the regular season.  Spring Break was spent at home; sleeping late and watching TV.  I also began Spring Training for Marching Band try-outs.  Everyone who was in the Guard, even those who would be seniors, had to be selected.  I was a little nervous; I'd started out as an alternate and ended up filling in; would I be selected again?  I even worked with some of the incoming sophomores, helping them learn how to march and do some of the drills.

It was also about this time I succeeded in 'winning' K back.  B and I were arguing...more specifically, he seemed to be mad at ME for something.  I finally quit trying to pry it out of him and concentrated on K, band, and improving my flag drills.

Today's Picks:
Cincinnati Won:)
NC St Won:)
Alabama Lost:(
Florida Won:)
Florida St Won:)
Georgetown Won:)
UNC Won:)
Missouri Lost:(
Memphis Lost:(
Duke Lost:(
Michigan Lost:(
Purdue Won;)
Michigan St Won:)
Notre Dame Lost:(
Temple Lost:(
Kansas Win:)

Come back tomorrow for Round 3:)

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