Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday's Stupid Saying

My sister's expecting a baby, and I don't know if I'm going to be an uncle or an aunt.

North Carolina State basketball player Chuck Nevitt, explaining why appeared nervous at practice.

One good thing this past week of decluttering did for me was (beside being able to 'see' my bedside table, lol!), I found my stack of Stupid Sayings which I'd torn from previous calendars.  The ones on this year's calendar are cute, but not 'worthy' to repost....and we're nearly four months into the year!  And these posts don't seem to garner much attention anyway, so maybe after the last one's posted, I'll just take Saturday posts off my schedule.

Edits arrived, and I'm not sure what is wrong with me.  Normally, as soon as they arrive, I'm eager to get to work.  But every time I open the edits on Balancing Act, I want to scream, stomp my feet, and throw a colossal tantrum.  And it has nothing to do with changing my story.  I'm all for making it better; it's just that she's not 'getting' it.  I'm not sure there's a Perry Mason reference, but she says there is.  Where is the cell phone?  Not available in 1987....which is CLEARLY stated at the beginning of the manuscript.  The other three books have a list of the trademarked items; why can't this one?  I think to show the time period, I need to have specific brands, movies, song titles, etc.  And some of the 'filler' words she wants me to take out?  They're in DIALOGUE!  We TALKED that way.  Don't YOU throw in a 'Well...' when you're pondering something?  Or maybe I can type that.  Gretchen pondered the question.  "I think....", as opposed to "Well, I think you're better off...."


There; that felt better.

I want T back.  She and I 'clicked'.  L and I aren't 'clicking' at all; more like butting heads.  Or maybe that's just me.  Or PMS.

Another point:  "Why is G opposed to the traveling of the AF, but yet wants to enter the Peace Corp?"
I've clearly explained it:  She wants to travel one more time before settling down.  It was her dream in the 4th grade....and her issue is with her PARENTS going off on missions, leaving her in the care of her grandmother.  Didn't you read that part?  Or do I have to have her state that fact earlier?

Or is this all just a case of Author Diva Behavior?

I'll calm down in an hour or so, and reign in my inner 3-yr-old.

Just read through editor's comments on the MS, and I'm a lot calmer now.  Her email scared me and that's why I wrote this post.  But most of the comments make sense; I'm only throwing a minor tantrum in one or two areas, so WHEW!  This isn't going to be the blood bath I pictured, creatively speaking:)

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