Thursday, May 21, 2015

"A Howler Monkey, A Stingray, And A Dead Fish..."

Last night, Mike, dubbed 'Howler Monkey' by Shirin at the final Tribal Council, won the 30th season of Survivor:)  He was the last standing blue collar tribe member, and with his back against the wall, won 5 Individual Immunities in a row, forcing the six allied players to turn on themselves.

Caroline, aka "Momma C' and dubbed 'Stingray' (see above), was definitely a contender in the final, since she had most of her allies on the jury, but only won one Immunity, and went on most of the rewards.  In a tie with Rodney at the final 4, she was able to make fire and burn through her string ahead of Rodney, who made fire first, but was unable to maintain it.  She became the last standing white collar tribe member.

Will, aka 'Dead Fish' (again, see above!), was lousy at challenges, until the Loved One Reward challenge.  Seeing his wife finally put some fire in his soul, and was running in 2nd or 3rd place, but was unable to keep his balance while carrying puzzle tiles on the end of a machete.  Mike's mom got to come back to camp and spend the night, as well as being able to practice for the blindfolded Immunity Challenge.  He thought he'd wasted his thirty minutes, but he managed to find all of his medalians AND make his way to the Immunity Necklace.  The ONLY reason Will, the final standing member of the No Collar tribe, made it to the finals was because everyone knew he would never win a challenge, and was never a threat.  To my knowledge, Rodney was the only one who voted for him in the final.

Rodney, who'd whined ever since he didn't get to go on the reward on his birthday, was given a cake by Jeff at the Reunion and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

I was soooooo thrilled when Kelly (Borneo), Spencer (Brains, Beauty, and Braun), Kass (BBB), Joe (WCBCNC), and Keith (BBB) were chosen as contestants for next season's Second Chance:)  Unfortunately, Coach and Troyzan were not chosen.

See you next season!

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