Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HDH #6

Yes, I realize I should be on #18 or so, but case you haven't noticed, the fact I'm even posting an HDH is kudos to my participation!

In honor of the month of May, and the fact this is one of Open Wheel Racing's biggest months, here's a snippet of Arbor U #3, Forbidden Love:

In this snippet, Keri, who's been working at the track for three weeks, invites Kyle up for the second weekend of Time Trials.  They have a sweaty reunion in the back of his truck, then they return to the garage area to see how Keri's team's car is doing.  One of the guys, Jon, decides to tease them a bit.

"Say, your hair's all wet, Keri. Been a long time since you've seen him?"

"Jon!" Keri whacked him in the arm.

"Watch it! Tell me where you went so next year I'll know where to take my girl." He grinned and sidestepped her.

"If you have one by then."

"Me? I can have any woman I want. They're standing in line for a 'Jonny joyride'."

Keri rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I see the huge line around the building. Give me a break. What do you do, cruise the Snake pit, looking for naked women?"

"Wait a minute." Kyle's eyes lit. "Naked women? Snake pit?"

"Yeah, man. Inside turn one. Drunk, naked women, all the booze you can drink, rock-n-roll city."

Forbidden Love can be purchased here.

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