Friday, May 22, 2015

Flashback Friday: Rebellion

May 1995:
I'd spent an enjoyable evening with my coworkers, but the spouse was furious.  By the time our 4th anniversary, we were barely speaking to each other, and on Mother's Day, I was thrilled when our boss passed out corsages to all the moms working for him.

One of my coworkers had a crisis one evening, having a bad breakup with her boyfriend.  A bunch of us went out after work on Friday, to cheer her up, and we snuck her into one of bars.  Nobody drank; we simply listened to her and offered advice.  Imagine my shock when I suddenly heard 'Last Call!'  It was 2:30 am....surely the spouse would forgive this lapse?  No......he continued to gripe about it for the next several days, stating a mom with two kids had no business staying at a bar until all hours.  He wanted me to quit, since he was called back to work, but I insisted on working the weekends, in order to help out during Race Month.  He wasn't happy, but I had my way.

The boss was happy I was going to stick around for a while also.  Nobody wanted to work the back section, but I loved it.

The 1995 Indy 500 was very exciting, and Jacques Villeneuve won.

Present Day:
I'm getting ready to head north for the weekend, and attend the 99th running of the Indy 500:)  I'm looking forward to seeing my Uncle Bill, Cousin Will, and my cousin Harold and his son Carter.

No karaoke for me on Saturday, as I'll be making sandwiches and going to bed early!

Was able to sing karaoke last night at Old Town/Burton's 2:
Gloria:  Nailed it:)
Never Been To Me:  I'm sooooooo happy Brower had this!  Several people applauded....I think.  It could have been the birthday party going on....anyway, I think I did well:)
How Can We Be Lovers:  This was okay; probably the only time I'll sing it.
All Cried Out:  Nailed it:)  Sang both parts.
Come Sail Away:  Nailed it:)

My dentist was walking up the stairs as I was leaving, and one of the 'kids' stopped me:

"You have a really nice voice, and I've enjoyed listening to you sing tonight."

Awwwww.....thank you!

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