Friday, May 15, 2015

Flashback Friday: Bad Decision and 1st Indy 500:)

May 1985:
After spending two weeks with S and finding out the pitfalls of having access to one's boyfriend every night, I was rather heartbroken when he returned to California.  But I had finals to pass, my fourth of the dorm room to pack up, and find something to do during the summer, once back under my parents' roof again.

Rebellion and boredom soon set in.

I did not have access to a car.  I didn't have my license yet, but was encouraged when a possible job at the YMCA became available.  I would join the karate class, and help out.

I earned my white belt, and the instructor discovered I was willing to photograph the kids.  My only problem was transportation:  I could ride in with Mom, then catch the bus.  But this grew old after a while, and I guess the instructor and I didn't communicate well, because nothing more was ever said about it.  I spent the next two weeks buying books and cassette tapes, and frustrating my father when my checkbook wouldn't balance.  Turned out Mom would tell me an amount, and I'd take her word for it, when it was off a few dollars.

My HS boyfriend, K, called, and against my better judgement, I went out with him.  Mom questioned me when he revealed he was dating two other girls, and it would not be 'my turn' with him for another week.  I brushed it off, saying I was fine with it.  It was male attention, so I put up with it.

During Time Trials, my sister and 'other sister' walked around the track and watched several cars qualify, even track records being broken.  I was excited; this would be my 1st race.  I'd formed a crush on Kevin Cogan, and looked forward to cheering him onto victory.  Didn't happen, but there was always next year!

Danny Sullivan was the winner of the 1985 race, and I was thrilled:)

We'd parked in the Coke Lot that year, and since my sister had been to the race before, she showed me how to get to our seats.  This involved a trip down Georgetown Rd, right past the house where guys had posted a sign, 'Show Us Your Tits!'  We ignored it, of course, but I always wondered if any women had lifted their shirts!

Present Day:
I'm still writing....the month is half over and I'm still nowhere near finished with SaLie's story!  I'm just over the halfway point.  I've got to finish this soon, then start on Heart Song.  Already finished one of my two antho submissions, and am about 2K from finishing the other.

I was able to attend a rare Thursday night karaoke at another bar, and sang three songs:
Separate Ways (Journey)- Did well:)  A stranger asked if I was singing, and when I revealed I'd just finished singing this, her eyes widened.
"That was YOU?  WOW!  That was awesome!"
Magic Power (Triumph) Nailed it:)
Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis) Was unable to hit the high note on last chorus.

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
I Wanna Dance With Somebody-Whitney Houston
Black and White-3 Dog Night
I Want It That Way-BSB
I Want To Come Over-Melissa Etheridge

Have a great weekend!

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